Cát Tiên National Park is the largest and one of the most important national parks in Vietnam. The park cover a part of 3 provinces of the South of Cát Tiên (Đồng Nai Province), West of Cát Tiên (Bình Phước Province) and Cát Lộc (Lâm Đồng Province), with a total of more than 71,920 ha.

The national park has diversified landscapes: hills, alluvial grounds, flat large grounds, grasslands, rivers, streams…It is a home to a variety of flora and fauna. More than 1,362 plant species have been classified (440 timber species, 310 medicinal plants, 220 ornamental plant species, 133 orchid species). The fauna includes 62 animal species, many of them are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book, and 121 bird species, few of which are classified as rare species such as Javan Rhinos, Asian Elephants, Gaur, Sun Bears and, possibly, Banteng, wild Water Buffalo, Indian strokes…

Best Time to Visit Cát Tiên National Park

The ideal time for you to go to visit Cát Tiên National Park is from December to May next year. It is the time when the weather is cool without lots of rain. As a result, you can enjoy your trip mostly here by doing many outdoor activities such as trekking, biking, and boat trips to explore the nature and habitat of the animals.

What to do in the park?

Cát Tiên National Park receives a growing number of tourists, below are some suggestions when you come to visit this park:

  • Trekking: this is the best way to explore nature, admire many giant trees, many of them have been exiting hundreds years old…also, you may see butterflies, birds, and other animals along the way.
  • Observation of animals at night: this service is offered by the management of the park, to discover the habitat of animals at night.
  • Visit Bàu Sấu (Crocodile lake): located in the south of Cát Tiên National Park (Tân Phú District, Đồng Nai Province). This is the home of the freshwater crocodile (or Siamese crocodile), a species of crocodile in Vietnam that was thought to have been extinct before. To get to Bàu Sấu, you start from the administrative center of the park, go through 9 km by car and walk more than 5 km through the forest.

In addition, there are other things to do in Cát Tiên National Park such as camping, visiting ethnic villages, boating on Đồng Nai river.

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