Concerning the whereabouts of your private information when you sign up with, the privacy policy described herein is our commitment to you. It tells you who we are, the ways we gain your personal information, how we are committed to protecting that information, what we do with it, and whom we share it with.

Who we are belongs to Viet Dream Travel Co., Ltd, registered in Vietnam under License No: 0314 87694  granted By DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING AND INVESTMENT OF HO CHI MINH CITY.

 with its head office at 112 Bui Vien Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Where we collect your information         

Information we collect from you is what you provide for us by signing up to receive our emails or creating an account on our website. That information might be your name, gender, phone number, and email address.

We collect your information from posts you probably make to products and services on our website or to our social media sites.

We also collect your information sometimes automatically (e.g. technical information – type of device you are using and the version of the operating system on the device).

What we do with your information and how we are committed to protecting that information
We use your personal information to
–    Receive and respond to your feedback, complaints, and questions.
–    Receive and process your bookings on our website and offer you technical support when you are having some trouble with making a booking or receiving a booking confirmation.
–    Send you our current special offers, promotions, or discounts. does not and will not sell information about you to anyone and only use your information in accordance with the policy herein. We never share your information with third parties for illegal purposes or commercial purposes. Unless when you apply for visa services, your detail and another personal’s detail will be appeared on the same visa approval letter as this result is issued by Immigration Dept, and it’s unavoidable when we send visa applications for many visitors to come to Vietnam at the same time.
We only share your information with third parties when

–    We have outsourced part or all whole program from them (it might involve them processing your information, but we shall have proper safeguards in this case). For your reservations, which must be completed by some suppliers but us, we shall send the relevant reservation details to them. This information might be your name, contact, payment, names of your travelling companions and other details indicated while you make a reservation. If any reservation-related disputes happen, we may give out information about your reservation process to handle the dispute. A copy of your reservation confirmation may be included in that information.

–    They are social media service providers or advertisement delivery service companies whom we will entrust with handling personal data within the necessary extent to fulfil purposes regarding analysis and management of collected data, financial analysis, ad networks, and market research. Where we entrust those third parties, we shall implement appropriate measures concerning supervision of the entrusts. In cases of re-entrustment, we will directly or indirectly supervise the appropriate measures the entrusts adopt to their parties.

–    We are obligated by law to share your information with authorities. We shall disclose your information to government authorities as we are obligated to do that as a result of an official order or court decision. Additionally, when your information is required by the national or local government to execute the affair prescribed by laws, we must provide them with that data without asking you in advance.

–    We transfer, merge or sell parts or our whole business. Moreover, in the case that we buy or merge with another business, this change will allow new owners to use your information indicated in this privacy policy.