Vietnamese Square Sticky Rice Cake

Vietnamese square sticky rice cake (bánh chưng) is a traditional cake that often seen on the ancestor worship altar during the Tet Holidays and King Hung’s anniversary (March 10 of the lunar calendar). For the Vietnamese, the cake is the ideal way to express gratitude to their ancestors, heaven and earth. Making Vietnamese square sticky rice cake […]

People’s Committee Building

It is impossible not to mention the People’s Committee Building when referring to the famous architectural works in Ho Chi Minh City. As the highlight of the city centre, the building is a famous ancient architecture that has just been ranked a national monument by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. It’s an ideal […]

The Beauty of Saigon: Past & Present

After more than 300 years of establishment and development, old Saigon and Ho Chi Minh City today have become a bustling commercial centre, the largest in the country. Experiencing many ups and downs in history, but somewhere, many streets, markets, and buildings… still keep the beautiful image of the old days. Both domestic and foreign tourists want […]

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

Referring to fresh flowers titles, it is impossible not to mention Ho Thi Ky flower market – specializing in selling extremely famous fresh flowers in Ho Chi Minh city. The market is also well-known for its street food. Surely, wandering the market will not only bring to you joyful moment but also a great chance […]

Vietnam Quoc Tu

Vietnam Quoc Tu (Vietnamese language: Việt Nam Quốc Tự, meaning National Pagoda of Vietnam) is known as the pagoda with the tallest tower in Vietnam. The unique architecture as well as the beautiful landscape of this pagoda makes many visitors impressed. Among the tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Quoc Tu is known […]

Hoàng Cầm Stove

Hoàng Cầm Stove was created during the the Hòa Bình campaign (1951 – 1952). The stove is named after the man who made it, a military chef – Mr. Hoàng Cầm. Since its birth until now, the stove has been widely used in the Vietnamese army and is mandatory used in all units. Currently, tourist […]

Trà Ôn floating market

Trà Ôn floating market is located on the Hậu River, a tributary of the Mekong River, about 40km from the center of Vĩnh Long city. The floating market is a long-standing traditional culture of the people of Trà Ôn district in particular and the Mekong Delta River in short. This market is the local point […]

Cần Thơ Museum

With an area of ​​​​nearly 3,000m², Cần Thơ Museum is considered the largest museum in the Mekong Delta region. This is a place to display and introduce artifacts about the country and people of Cần Thơ through each historical period; introduce the socio-cultural-economic achievements of the Kinh, Hoa, Khmer… in the area in the process […]

Mười Cương Cocao Farm

Phong Điền district, Cần Thơ is famous for its luxuriant fruit gardens with many kinds of fruits, such as berries, oranges, tangerines, custard apple, mangosteen, apples, guava …. Among them, Mười Cương farm is a popular tourist destination, not only famous for many type of southern fruits but also famous for cocoa. Coming here, you […]

Traditional craft village of making Hủ Tiếu in Cần Thơ

Hủ tiếu, a type of rice noodle served either as a soup or dry, is a signature dish of Vietnam’s southwestern region. To understand how to make the raw material, you should visit Sáu Hoài, Quê Tôi, or Chín Của workshop in Cần Thơ. They are the most notable family businesses that belong to the […]