Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden

Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden (short name: Saigon Zoo) is the place to conserve flora and fauna. It is one of the oldest continuously operating zoos in the world. Not only a historical relic but also a typical cultural symbol of the city. Built at the same time as the Post Office in Ho Chi […]

Fruit Gardens in Phong Dien

Can Tho is prioritized by nature with a favorable climate, suitable and fertile soil suitable for growing fruits. Among the tourist attractions of Can Tho, Phong Dien district is the most prominent with its famous eco-tourism and countless fruit gardens. Coming here, everyone feels extremely comfortable and relaxing in the romantic scenery of the orchard. […]

Cai Rang Floating Market

Referring to the very unique culture of the Mekong Delta, it is impossible not to mention the floating market, a unique type of market that perhaps no other region in our country has. And Cai Rang floating market is the busiest, most typical and interesting market. On March 10, 2016, Cai Rang floating market was […]

Can Tho City

Can Tho city is famous for its gentle river and water beauty, lush green orchards and a cheerful and hospitable temperament of local citizens in Mekong Delta that have captivated tourists. Can Tho tourist itinerary discovers the land known as “the capital of the West” with a cool fresh climate, bold landscapes of the South, […]

U Minh Ha National Park – Ca Mau

Coming to Ca Mau, visitors can join the tour to explore U Minh Ha National Park with many interesting activities. U Minh Ha Forest is an ideal eco-tourist destination suitable for those who love to explore nature, are adventurous and want to learn about the wetland ecosystem. Introduction to U Minh Ha forest U Minh […]

U Minh Thuong National Park – Kien Giang

U Minh Thuong National Park is one of the “hottest tourist destinations” in Kien Giang. This place evokes a majestic, pristine beauty of green nature. Not only that, U Minh Thuong is also a land associated with many historical periods of the nation. For you to have a trip to explore this poetic southwestern land, […]

Lotus Fields in Thap Muoi

“Thap Muoi has most beautiful lotus”. Indeed, the lotus fields in thousands of colors, will be the place you want to find to avoid the hot day and to forget about the stresses of everyday life. Among the lotus fields in Dong Thap, the most prominent is Dong Sen in My Hoa commune, Thap Muoi […]

Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh

One of the famous tourist destinations in Tay Ninh is Cao Dai Temple, the worshiping place of a religion originating in the country with its own unique architecture located on a 1.2 km wide campus. Introduction of the temple The Cao Dai Temple is a famous complex that was build between 1936 and 1955, in […]

Useful information when visiting the Temple of Literature in Ha Noi

Temple of Literature (Van Mieu) was the first university in Vietnam. Today it is a historical-cultural relic that many Vietnamese students come to pray for luck in studying, exams and is also a place that attracts many tourists. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi, should not skip this place, there will be […]

Hanoi Capital

Hanoi, Vietnamese: Hà Nội, the capital of Vietnam is an incomparable combination of tradition, elegance, and progress. Hanoi means “the hinterland between the rivers”. The portion of the Red River embracing Hanoi is approximately 30km long. Hanoi contains 18 beautiful lakes, which are the lungs of the city, surrounding gardens and trees providing a vital […]