Cai Mon village (Vietnamese: làng Cái Mơn) lies along two banks of Cái River, Vĩnh Thành commune, Chợ Lách District, Bến Tre Province, is the famous for its tradition of growing flowers and shaping ornamental plants of various kinds from the Mekong Delta, the North or from Thailand. Furthermore, this is one of the largest fruit orchard areas in Vietnam.

What is the best time to visit Cai Mon village?

Spring is the best season to explore this village. Visitors will see a world of flowers and ornamental plants. Flower gardens stand next to flower gardens, looking like a colorful carpet. During the festival days or Tết (New Year) holiday, boats laden with flowers and ornamental plants from Cái Mơn go downstream to Cần Thơ, Sa Đéc or upstream to Tây Ninh, Thủ Dầu Một, Biên Hòa…When returning, they are loaded with new strains of flowers and plants.

Tourists also can come to visit Cái Mơn village in the summertime, from May until the end of August. This is harvest season for many types of fruit trees here including durian, mango, mangosteen, longan, and many more.

Is it worth visiting Cai Mon village?

Cái Mơn village is home to artisans who can turn ornamental plants into beautiful figures of deer, dragons, phoenix, and so on. Many kinds of bonsai trees are exported to the Southeast Asian market from Cái Mơn. In this village, the growing of flowers and ornamental plants is handed down from father to son. Visitors can come to visit and explore their daily activities, witness their handful of skills of taking care of the trees.

Cái Mơn Village

Also, this tourist area is a perfect place to escape the hit from a big city, especially in the summertime. Many fruit gardens offer visitors a chance to visit and enjoy fresh fruit right inside the gardens with an entrance cost of 100,000VND.

How to get here?

From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists, who travel by motorbike, move along National Highway 1A to Tiền Giang Province. After arriving in the territory of Mỹ Tho city, visitors turn to Highway 60 to Bến Tre Province. When crossing Hàm Lương bridge for a section, visitors turn towards DT882, then go straight in the direction of National Highway 57 to the area of ​​Cái Mơn fruit garden.

Private car to Cai Mon village

If traveling by car or bus, visitors will save time by traveling on the Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Lương highway, instead of going by National Highway 1A or you can choose our private car rental service with a driver if you want to save your time.

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