Vung Tau beaches have become a magnet for tourists, especially from Ho Chi Minh city for a long time. This is one of the best destinations in the dry season, December to April inclusive, although it is never quiet because it provides a great weekend escape from the cities.

What is the specialty of Vung Tau beaches?

With the special location, the curved point of the ‘S’ letter, this is the place where you can see the sun on the East Sea, both rising and setting. In fact, there are 4 different sections with two of them being particularly busy.

Front Beach

Front Beach (Vietnamse: Bãi Trước or Tầm Dương Beach) is right in the middle of Vung Tau and stands between the Big and Small Mount. It is a popular place and people also often gather to see the sunset. There are also many restaurants and luxurious hotels here that offer you a great view.

Front beach in Vung Tau

Not only can you soak in the cool sea water or admire the poetic beauty of coconut trees tilting to catch the wind, Front Beach is also a paradise of seafood. Visitors can enjoy delicious dishes such as grilled fish, snail dishes or the famous stingray hotpot.

Back Beach

Back Beach (Vietnamese: Bãi Sau or Thùy Vân Beach) is located opposite to Front beach. It is a large and beautiful beach chosen by many tourists as a destination because it is spacious and close to the central area. The beach in Back Beach area is long and stable, the waves are not too big, suitable for many people to have fun.

Back beach in Vung Tau

Almost the same with Front beach, the beach is always excited and busy with almost all tourists both from the cities and the world, especially on the weekends and on holidays. Besides the best location, the beach also provides many kinds of entertainment and modern accommodation.

From Back Beach, visitors can also visit the famous statue of Christ with arms outstretched in Vung Tau city on top of Tao Phung mountain, Nghinh Phong cape or Ba islet.

Pineapple Beach

Pineapple Beach (Vietnamese: Bãi Dứa) is situated between Front Beach and Back Beach, near Small Mount and Nghinh Ông Cape. There used to be many wild pineapples that grew here which is why the beach is called Dứa (Pineapple).

Compared to other beaches, Bai Dua has a quite small area, but this is a very suitable place for tourists looking for a peaceful, airy space. Partially covered by Nghinh Phong cape, the sea creeps deep into the shore, creating long rocky rapids and small, discreet beaches.

Pineapple beach in Vung Tau

This place also has many cafes and bars with quite chill spaces to serve tourists and families, along with space to watch the sea at sunset and at night.

In addition, visitors can go to places to visit the statue of Christ, or Tinh Xa Niet Ban to pray for blessings, fortune and luck.

Mulberry Beach

Mulberry Beach (Vietnamese: Bãi Dâu) is a small beach lying at the foot of Big Mount, thanks to its peaceful location, Bai Dau possesses rare peaceful and gentle beauty. There used to be a lot of mulberries so it is also named Dâu (Mulberry) beach.

Mulberry beach in Vung Tau

Both Bãi Dứa and Bãi Dâu are narrow and their waves are very small. Also, the sea goes far into the land and the rock mountain goes from the land to the sea establishing romantic beaches. This area also has many spiritual tourist attractions along Big Mountain for tourists to visit and worship.

Phuoc Hai Beach

Phuoc Hai beach (Vietnamese: bãi Phước Hải) is located about 16km away from the center of Vung Tau city towards Dat Do district, appearing before the visitors’ eyes is a peaceful sea surrounded by whispering poplar trees, vast sandy beaches and rustic fishing villages. The beach here is very comfortable and wide, dotted with small rocks that welcome each wave.

Phuoc Hai beach in Vung Tau

Tourists coming here can comfortably stroll the beach, watch the life of the oldest fishing village in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province or freely bathe in cool, clear water. Phuoc Hai fishing village is most famous for its products – dried fishes. Tourists must definitely buy these famous products as gifts every time they have the opportunity to visit Vung Tau beaches.

How to get here?

Currently, there are many ways to Vung Tau from Ho Chi Minh include motorbikes, buses, cars, and speed boats.
By bus:

Most of the bus companies depart from Eastern Bus Station, and the ticket fare cost from 150,000VND/ticket, depends on type of seat you want to takes.

Private car/bus:

This is the best way when you’re traveling with your family members or with a big group. A private car to Vung Tau with a driver also can help you explore other places along the way to Vung Tau.

private car to Vung Tau

A sample model of 7 seater-car to Vung Tau

Speed boat:

When choosing this way, visitors will shorten the travel time to Vung Tau to only 1.5 hours – 2 hours. Moreover, traveling by speedboat will give you the most interesting and memorable experiences.

The speedboats depart from Bach Dang wharf to Suoi May, Vung Tau. The ticket fare cost around 350,000 VND/ticket.

Source: collected by An

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