Muoi Cuong Cocoa Garden is becoming one of the “hot” tourist destinations that should miss when coming to explore Can Tho. Coming here, visitors can not only enjoy the fresh air of the cocoa garden, but also witness firsthand the process of processing products from fresh cocoa fruits. Right now, let’s explore Muoi Cuong cocoa garden with us through this article!

General information about Muoi Cuong Cocao Farm

Phong Dien district, Can Tho is famous for its luxuriant fruit gardens with many kinds of fruits, such as berries, oranges, tangerines, custard apple, mangosteen, apples, guava …. Among them, Muoi Cuong farm is a popular tourist destination, not only famous for many type of southern fruits but also famous for cocoa.

Muoi Cuong Cocao Farm

If you want to go to the Muoi Cuong cocao garden from the center of Can Tho city, go towards Cai Rang bridge, follow Provincial Road 923 for more than 10km, ask about Muoi Cuong cocoa garden in My Ai hamlet, everyone knows about it or follow Ms.Google map advice! Also the best way for you to get here, especially when you travel with a group is booking a private car with a driver, as it would be easy to stop for sightseeing and relaxing on the way.

Muoi Cuong Cocao Farm

The cocoa farm of Mr. Muoi Cuong is more than 1.2 hectares wide and growing more than 2,000 cocoa trees, including over 15 cocoa varieties. Most of the trees been planted for 2-3 years and have just produced fruit, however, some of them that have been planted for more than 30 or even 40 years.

Coming here, you can enjoy the fresh air of the cocoa garden, experience the processing, try the sample and can buy cocoa products as gifts for relatives and friends.

  • Location: My Ai Hamlet, My Khanh, Phong Đien, Can Tho city.
  • Best for: Family, couple, solo.
  • Entrance: 50,000 VND/per person, includes entrance fee, drinking cocoa, enjoying a chocolate sample and learning about the process of making cocoa.
  • Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 12:00

Many unique experiences in cacao farm of Mr. Muoi Cuong

Cacao is a very popular food because it is both delicious, nutritious and good for health. Studies have shown that drinking a cup of cocoa every morning will help you reduce the risk of cancer by up to 15%, increase mental clarity and reduce fatigue, stabilize blood sugar as well as be good for the heart…

For this reason many people come to Muoi Cuong Cocoa Garden as the owner can provide the fresh, and warm cup of cocoa right in his garden. Surely visitors will fully feel the quintessential flavor of this drink.

Muoi Cuong Cocao Farm

In addition to enjoying products from cocoa, you also have the opportunity to learn and join hands with the owner to do the stages of incubation of cocoa beans, roasting in a cast iron pot, grinding into powder, and finishing products.

Muoi Cuong Cocao Farm

cocoa drying process

Muoi Cuong Cocao Farm

cocoa roasting stage

Muoi Cuong Cocao Farm

All of these stages are processed with traditional techniques.

And don’t forget to buy some cocoa products such as: cocoa wine, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, chocolate candies, and pure cocoa for ice cream or cake as a gift. In particular, cocoa wine (fermented cocoa juice) is very delicious and is an aperitif that very popular with foreign tourists.

Muoi Cuong Cocao Farm

In order to have such high quality and diverse products as mentioned above, Mr. Muoi Cuong has been spending a long time to research and learn how to make his own handmade cocoa products at home. Another interesting thing is the homestay that he designed in his garden. It’s a perfect place for you to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere at the farm as well as peaceful space for your night in the Mekong Delta trip.

Source: collected by An

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