Can Tho is one of the best known for its endless green rice fields and abundant orchards in delta. The beautiful scenery of thousands of storks spreading their wings over the fields has made the city become the most attractive tourist destinations of the city. And Bang Lang stork sanctuary is one of the best places, where you can admire this panoramic view.

General information about Bang Lang stork garden

Bang Lang (Vietnamese: Bằng Lăng) stork sanctuary located in Thoi Bunh 1, Thuan An ward, Thot Not district, about 60 km from Can Tho city. It was founded and self-developed from 1983 with an area of ​​13,097 m². Up to now, the garden has been expanded to 16,500 m² for ecotourism purposes. Bang Lang stork garden is a home of more than 300,000 storks with around 20 kinds such as cattle egret, Chinese pond heron, striated heron, cinnamon bittern, purple heron, cormorant, mallard … live together.

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

In particular, a number of species such as pelicans, black-crowned night heron, tits, and some rare birds also converge here. Their combination creates bustling sounds. 

What is the best time to visit Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary?

The stork garden is “busies” in each breeding season, from August (lunar month) until January (lunar month) next year. Only the Chinese pond heron species is from February to April (lunar calendar). You can climb up to the 8m-high observatory to enjoy the panoramic view of the stork garden.

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

In order to fully admire the beauty of the stork garden, you should visit between 5-7 am when the storks beginning searching for food, or between 16-18 pm when the sunset fell. This is the most ideal time to observe storks find their nests, flocks of storks landing on bamboo branches, calling in the flock … disturbing the whole sky.

What’s interesting things in Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary?

Depend on the level of water, if you’re traveling on “floating season” of Mekong delta, you need to rent a boat to reach this region. The small entrance road is flanked on both sides by two rows of shady deep green bamboo. As you walk, you can feel the peaceful and quiet countryside atmosphere.

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

There are many types of storks here, the smallest type is the flat stork, weighing only about 150g. The largest are the ivory stork and ibis weighing up to 1.2 kg.

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary

The owner of this unique garden said that suddenly a flock of ghost storks – a small stork with a black body and gray-white wings that match the color of winter leaves – hundreds of them flew back and parked in a corner of the garden. Not long after, they suddenly left the flock. It took nearly a year for them to return, and this time they brought along a group of friends who counted nearly a dozen types of storks with all sizes and estimated numbers of up to a dozen. tens of thousands of children. This time they settled here and multiplied more.

Bang Lang Stork Sanctuary


Storks often forage in pairs, sometimes in flocks. All year round the stork searches for food on its own, but in the dry season, the garden owner has to provide additional food every day.

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Every year, he also renovates the “house” for them to live in, deepens the ditches, releases more fish and snails, and plants more trees to keep them cool. Just like humans, if the land is good, the birds will perch.

Here are some notes when you visit the sanctuary:

  • You should wear long clothes, shoes, or boots to avoid insects that can affect your health. In addition, bringing full personal belongings, common medicines, as well as special treatment, is never forget a thing.
  • Prepare bottle of mineral waters for refreshment as there is no shop inside the sanctuary.
  • Entrance tickets to Vietnamese tourists are 10,000 VND and foreign visitors 20,000

Bang Lang stork sanctuary is an attractive tourist destination in Can Tho for those who like to explore nature, admire the scenery of a peaceful countryside. Also, there are many other sights such as Can Tho Floating Market, My Khanh Tourist Village, Binh Thuy Ancient House … To discover the beauty of Can Tho, you can contact with Vietdreamtravel at (+84)28 3838 8322.