If you are a fan of the sea, you definitely will not want to miss Nam O Reef – a place known as the paradise of rocks. With its wild and unique beauty, this place truly depicts the simple lifestyle of local people on their fishing village and brings the most memorable travel experience of your life during your trip to explore Da Nang.

General information about Nam O Reef

Nam O Reef is a peaceful reef located in a village that has same name, in Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu district, Danang City. This place has an area of about 2 hectares, including two reefs, one has a gentle beauty beach and another one has thornier rocks, stretching over about 300m and 50m wide.

Nam O Reef

Each season of the year, Nam O Reef will change to a new look and according to the experience we have compiled, the time from February to April is when Da Nang has the most beautiful weather. A little sunshine, a little white clouds and warm air will be very suitable for you to explore Nam O. At the same time, the reef is covered with impressive green moss.

Nam O Reef

Da Nang from April to August is also an ideal time because this is summer. In addition to exploring and checking in, you can participate in activities such as swimming, picnicking….

To fully experience the wonderful moments at Nam O Reef, you may want to come here at dawn or dusk. Each moment will have a different beauty, from the color of the sea to the color of the sky. All contribute to creating a beautiful and vibrant natural picture.

What’s attraction at Nam O reef?

What’s special about a day at Ran Nam O Reef? This is certainly a question that many tourists are interested in when “exploring” this special sea. And to answer your concerns, we have created a list of activities not to miss in Nam O.

Nam O reef

Nam O Reef is home to countless types of seafood, especially fish. Therefore, visitors can rent fishing rods and buy bait to experience fishing. You can fish near the shore or contact locals to board and learn from them what a day as a fisherman is like. Whether successful or not, this will still be a memorable experience and should not be missed every time you visit Nam O Reef.

Nam O Reef

There’s nothing more wonderful than immersing yourself in cool, blue water and listening to the whispering ocean waves. Seeing the vibrant colors of the ocean is one of the best ways to relax and feel connected to nature.

Nam O Reef

Visit Nam O fish sauce craft village

Nam O also famous as a traditional fish sauce craft village. With an abundant source of anchovies, fish sauce here is created with the rich flavor of the sea. You can experience and explore the daily life of local people, participating in the extremely interesting stages of making fish sauce.

Nam O Reef

When leaving, visitors can also choose fish sauce as gifts for relatives and friends. In addition, around the Nam O Reef area, you can also visit Van village, Voi stream, and Hai Van pass, which are all extremely attractive destinations.

Enjoy specialty in Nam O reef

Coming to Nam O Reef, the dish you should not miss is seafood. Around this area, there are many restaurants specializing in serving tourists with fresh seafood and rich flavors. Thanks to fresh seafood, the menus at most restaurants are very affordable, with affordable prices and attentive service.

Nam O Reef

In addition, you cannot miss the Nam O fish salad that delights tourists from near and far. With a special dipping sauce recipe, diverse vegetables and spices, Nam O fish salad has become one of the famous specialties of this place.

Source: collected by An

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