Mui Ne fishing village with its simple, rustic beauty, far from the hustle of the bustling city, is a destination that you should not miss during your trip to explore Binh Thuan. Once you come here and immerse yourself in the life of the coastal fishing village people, it will definitely leave you with many unforgettable impressions.

General information of Mui ne Fishing Village

Not only famous for its beautiful beaches, Phan Thiet is also home to many unique cultural features of people born and raised along the coast.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

This is a peaceful small village located on Huynh Thuc Khang street – where the famous Mui Ne Fairy Stream is located, attracting many people with its magnificent natural scenery. The village is located along the coastline about 1km and is located only 200m from the bus station, so it is very easy for you to move to explore.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

The most ideal time for you to explore Mui Ne Fishing Village is from June to August. At this time, Mui Ne Fishing Village has quite a bit of rain and lots of sunshine, so it is extremely suitable for visiting and witnessing all the fishing activities of the fishing village people.

What attracts tourists to Mui Ne fishing village?

In Mui Ne fishing village, you will not find high-rise buildings, luxury hotels, or attractive entertainment services. Waiting for you here is a peaceful natural scene, filled with the breath of life. It is the beach with fleets of boats going out to sea, and small houses nestled under the shade of green coconut trees.

The peaceful scene of the pristine and peaceful fishing village will become a virtual living background that no app can paint. The color of the blue sea and yellow sand, the blue and red of the boats, and the color of the temporary tarpaulins on the beach are enough to create pictures filled with vitality.

From the road, there will be stairs leading down to the fish market below the beach. Sunrise here usually takes place around 5:30 a.m which is also the time when the boats go out to sea and dock, bringing back boxes full of fresh seafood.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

The women of the fishing village on the coast quickly received the nets, poured them out onto the already spread tarpaulin and began sorting them for sale. Seafood will be divided into each bowl, based on different sizes and types.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

At about 6 o’clock, when locals and tourists began to arrive, the originally quiet coastline suddenly became a bustling seafood market. There are many types of seafood here including squids, fishes, crabs, lobsters, snails,… unable to resist the freshness, everyone wants to choose a bunch of seafood for themselves to have people prepare or enjoy right there.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

Local fishermen are selecting seafood after catching.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

Sets of lobsters are being sold in Mui Ne fishing village cost from 800.000VND

However, the Mui Ne fishing village market only opens from 6 a.m. to about 9 a.m, every morning. Therefore, if you want to buy fresh seafood at a good price, you should take advantage of coming here during this time.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

Local fishermen are selecting seafood after catching

Coming to Mui Ne fishing village and not enjoying fresh seafood is really doing something “wrong”. Enjoying seafood while watching the sea and sky is truly an unforgettable experience. Every afternoon, along the beach, dozens of temporary tents are set up. This is the most ideal place for you to enjoy seafood on the coast. Fresh seafood is carefully prepared but the price is much cheaper than your expected. 

Mui Ne Fishing Village

If you go deep into the fishing village, the fishermen’s living area, you will have the opportunity to learn about the profession of drying fish & squid and making handmade fish sauce. One special thing is that fishing here is only done by men. The work of making dried seafood is only done by women.

Seafood will be processed, marinated and then dried in the sun. Under the sun, seafood dries naturally, retaining the flavor and saltiness of the sea. This is a suitable gift for you to buy for relatives and friends.

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