As the “largest” artificial lake in Vietnam, Dau Tieng Reservoir not only has an important role in irrigation as water regulation for the Saigon River but also is a tourist sport attracting many tourists to Tay Ninh.

Overview of Dau Tieng reservoir

The lake is located 25km from Tay Ninh, 70km north of Hochiminh, on the way to Cao Dai Holy Land and Ba Den Mountain.

On April 29, 1981, Dau Tieng Lake started construction and completed on January 10, 1985. At that time, most of the youth in Tay Ninh province were mobilized to participate in digging lakes.

Dau Tieng Reservoir in Tay Ninh

This is one of the largest artificial lakes in the country. It covers 27,000ha and has a water reserve of 1.58 billion m3 use for irrigation in Tay Ninh province as well as for other neighboring provinces.

The best time to visit Dau Tieng Lake

The lake has a charming landscape and a unique ecosystem. It has become an ideal getaway for young people. Besides enjoying the fresh air; you can also participate in many recreational activities such as fishing, boating, camping …or just simply watching the locals catch fish in the lake.

Dau Tieng Reservoir

The dry season from December to April is the ideal time to visit the lake, especially in the summertime. The weather during this time is quite dry and hot, but when you come to Dau Tieng reservoir, it’s a cool area and very convenient for moving as well as participating in outdoor activities here.

What to do in Dau Tieng Reservoir?

Dau Tieng reservoir surface is green all year round, flat, along the lake is smooth grass, blooming flowers. In particular, the landscape of Dau Tieng Lake includes many beautiful mountains and mysterious islets such as Xin, Trang, Dong Bo islet…Along the banks of the lake is Dau Tieng Lake tourist area with canoe services to explore islands.

Overnight Camping with BBQ Party

Camping at Dau Tieng reservoir is also an extremely unforgettable experience for your trip. There are rental services and general camping services including: tents, chairs, coal fires, food, sleeping items… This is very convenient for tourists coming here. Because you don’t need to bring too many items on your trip.

camp in Dau Tieng Reservoir

Relaxing Fishing

Fishing is considered an unfamiliar activity for all visitors to the lake. We can relieve stress on the mind and soul with fishing. If you are passionate, you definitely cannot miss this place. Let’s hunt for lots of trophies together.

Dau Tieng Reservoir

Admire the Beautiful Sunrise and Sunset

If you come to Dau Tieng reservoir tourist area in Tay Ninh, definitely don’t miss the experience of watching the sunrise and sunset on the lake. At that time, the lake was like a peaceful oil painting by the artist. Lush green grass and a calm, clear lake surface silhouetted against the golden sky of the sun, a scene that makes many tourists swoon. Don’t forget to save memories with relatives and friends in these wonderful moments.

Dau Tieng Reservoir

Explore islets by canoe and kayak

The next fun activity at Dau Tieng reservoir in Tay Ninh is to explore islets by canoe. It takes about 20 minutes to travel and visitors will arrive at these beautiful islets. Here you can go for a walk or participate in fishing activities.

In addition, there are also boat rental services, helping you enjoy the relaxing and cool feeling of the lake.

kayak Dau Tieng Reservoir

Dau Tieng reservoir is the largest man-made lake in Vietnam, however, the landscape here is not “artificial” at all. This place is very suitable for a weekend rest, away from the noisy and bustling city. Not far from the sights of Dau Tieng is Cau Mountain, one of another attraction area with diverse floristic composition and protective forest. At the top of the mountain is Thai Son Pagoda, which attracts many pilgrims on the 15th day of the first lunar month. Standing from here will not only offer the panoramic view of Dau Tieng Reservoir but also with the majestic mountain Ba Den in the distance.

Source: collected by An