With around 3260km of stunning coastline, Vietnam is full of infinite stretches of powdery sand, tropical islands and countless coves and lagoons just waiting to be discovered. Most travelers have been saying the best beaches located in the North or the middle of Vietnam but not in the South. But this statement is simply untrue. On this page, we going to show you the top 5 famous beaches in Southern Vietnam. Also, it really suitable for people who stay in Ho Chi Minh as it takes less than a half-day trip away.

1. Mui Ne Beach – Binh Thuan

Blue sea – Golden sand – Cool weather are wonderful things, accurately describing Mui Ne beach which may conquers anyone who comes here. This is also a reason make Mui Ne quickly becomes one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Along the road in Mui Ne are innumerable sand dunes with imposing landscape of beautiful rows of coconut trees and clean beach.

The typical scenery of Mui Ne lies in the moving lines of golden sand caused by the wind. When they are being seen from afar, they look like moving waves. The beautiful sand dunes have been a creative subject of photographs and paintings.

Traveling to Mui Ne, you can take sea bathing, playing water sport such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, playing golf or go fishing.

Not only that, you can also experience and explore gurgling streams surrounded by giant limestone rocks and pristine fishing villages with unique, picturesque beauty. Besides, watching the extremely romantic sunset in Mui Ne is also extremely interesting.

In addition, when traveling to Mui Ne beach in Binh Thuan, you can also explore the pristine fishing village, with rustic beauty like in a painting, along with discovering the cuisine of the fishing village, which also brings unforgettable impressions image.

Mui Ne tour

2. Vung Tau Beaches

Vung Tau city is one of a few places on the mainland where you can admire sunrise and sunset on the sea. It takes just more than 02 hours of driving from Ho Chi Minh city. There are many ways for you to visit this city such as by bus, hire a car or speed boat…

In the Vung Tau area, there are many beaches, the former also known as Tam Duong beach is one of the most chosen beaches by tourists. It is a small bay with calm waves and seas, running in an arc like a lazy crescent-shaped moon with its back to the mainland with a charming mountain and water landscape. This place focuses on many entertainment activities along with high-class resorts and colorful restaurants, which attracts many tourists.

Along both sides of the beach are poetic rows of coconut trees mixed with spearwood trees, creating a shady space. Front Beach is the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in Vung Tau. When the sunset begins to fall, the whole space seems to have been dyed a red color and the sun seems to melt into the vast sea create the most romantic and sparkling view.

Front beach in Vung Tau

In the evening, you stroll along the beach with the bright high-pressure lighting system and colorful decorative lights creating an extremely ideal space for you to cool off and admire the sea view at night.

In addition to Front beach, in Vung Tau there are also a number of famous beaches, including Sau beach, Coconut beach, Ho Coc beach, Suoi O beach, Vong Nguyet beach, which are also attractive tourist destinations for you on your trip to Vung Tau.

3. Con Dao Island

Located off the coast of Vung Tau province and once known as “hell on earth” during the war, Con Dao has now become a “resort paradise” for domestic and international tourists. Con Dao is an isolated island off the coast of Vietnam. However, this place still retains its wild, mysterious, and magically beautiful natural landscape for tourists who love to explore. Fine white sand beaches and blue sea water reaching out to the horizon are the first things you will see when coming to Con Dao.

Con Dao Island is also a home of many precious and rare marine products, turtles, etc. With the unspoiled and pristine beaches, Con Dao has become a popular spot for snorkeling, swimming, and diving.

diving in Con Dao

 To visit this island, you can take a flight from Ho Chi Minh City or Ha Noi; speed boat from Vung Tau city.

4. Nam Du island – Kien Giang

As an archipelago located among the attractive tourist destinations in Phu Quoc with extremely pristine natural beauty that attracts many tourists to visit, this archipelago has many different large and small islands gathered around. Nau creates a charming mountainous area, so this place is also known as Ha Long Bay of the Southern region. Hai Bo Dap Island with beautiful rows of coconut trees is suitable for you to camp for a lunch break or have small picnics on the beach.

Nam Du island

After a long journey to explore large and small islands, the stop at Men beach is the ideal place for you to rest as well as immerse yourself in the cool water to enjoy the feeling of peace. Besides Nam Du island, there are many interesting things happening. waiting for you in this beautiful island land. Some places that tourists must definitely visit are Hon Son, Hoan Nom, Bai Chet, Nam Du lighthouse, Chuong Beach.

5. Sao Beach – Phu Quoc Island

Known as the pearl island in Kien Giang, Phu Quoc is the most favorite destination of both domestic and foreign tourists. Phu Quoc has many beautiful beaches and islands such as Truong beach, Dai beach, Sao beach, Khem beach, Ganh Dau, Vung Bau, Rach Vem, Ba Keo, Cua Can or Ba Keo…

Sao beach in Phu Quoc

Most of these beaches look wild, quiet and bring a strange feeling of peace. Among them is Sao beach, the sea here is blue and clean, highlighted by white sand, along the long rows of cool green poplars, and two surrounding mountain ranges create a peaceful and poetic scene.

When you arrive at Bai Sao, you will see the beautiful scenery of the pristine forest and the long, blue beach. Besides, with a peaceful and quiet space, you will feel relaxed and comfortable and will not be disappointed when coming here.

Phu Quoc

In addition to swimming, you can also participate in many other interesting activities such as: Discovering the famous place where pearl oysters are raised, walking at the night market and visiting many famous tourist attractions in Phu Quoc (Dinh Cau, Bai Dai, myrtle forest, pepper garden, fish sauce production facility…) and enjoy many delicious seafood dishes and attractive specialties here.

diving in Phu Quoc island

When is the best time to explore beaches in Southern Vietnam?

The climate of southern Vietnam is characterized by humid tropical climate, with stable temperatures all year round from 25 to 35°C. With this stable warm temperature in the South, you will feel more comfortable and at ease instead of traveling to the North and Central beaches in the cold winter with increasing cold air. Which season should you travel to the Southern Sea?

  • From December to May: the coolest time of the year in Southeast Asia. Especially at this time, it is very suitable to explore and experience Southern coastal tourism during the flower season (January-March).
  • From June to November: the weather can get really humid and hotter. However, these are the months with the most tropical fruits, vegetables and fish of the year.
  • The most suitable time: early April and October. Especially when coming to Phu Quoc, that is the time of the season when the weather is nice and pleasing to tourists, cool and not much rain so visitors’ schedules are not affected. greatly affected by weather.

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