Tan Long stork garden is home to tens of thousands of individuals. They nest, breed, migrate, creating a very diverse and rich ecosystem. Besides, this place also possesses a lush green landscape, peace and quiet that is worth a visit during your Soc Trang travel itinerary. 

General Information about Tan Long Stork Garden

Tan Long stork garden is an ecotourism destination built and managed by Mr. Huynh Van Muoi. In 1975, Mr. Muoi planted coconuts and bamboo for firewood and planted nipa coconuts for roofing leaves in the area of Tan Binh hamlet at that time. The lush growing nipa palms suddenly became the shelter and habitat of flocks of storks flying from nowhere. At first there were only a few dozen, but later there were more and more. Mr. Muoi saw this and took care of and protected the nipa palm garden as well as the storks.

Tan Long stork garden

Mr. Muoi and his wife

Until this day, after many years of care and development, the stork garden has attracted thousands of storks of all species to live. With the support of the local tourism industry, Mr. Muoi built the stork garden into an eco-tourism destination for tourists from all over to visit and relax.

The stork Garden is located in Tan Binh hamlet, Long Binh commune, Nga Nam town, about 60 km from the center of Soc Trang province. This place is known as the stork sanctuary because it possesses extremely favorable natural conditions for the survival and development of many species of flora and fauna, especially birds and storks. Moreover, the stork garden is also a tourist destination in Soc Trang that is loved by many young people because when you come here to visit, you will have the feeling of immersing yourself in the vast space of nature; fully enjoy fresh and cool air, relaxation and relief right after coming.

Tan Long stork garden

With the location not too far from the center of Soc Trang city, you can choose to travel by motorbike or bus, both of which are very convenient and fast. However, to get here from Ho Chi Minh City to Soc Trang, it would be better to go by tourist bus or book a private car with driver to get here, spend at least 1 night and explore the stork garden in next day. It can be said that the stork garden has a quite convenient location for tourists to visit, both by waterway and by road.

Discover the beauty of Tan Long Stork Garden

The stork garden has an area of more than 1.5 hectares, surrounded by coconut trees and lush green bamboo bushes. The pleasant, fresh climate here attracts thousands of storks and egrets to live. Ibis stork, ivory stork, flying stork… all types, in many sizes; each species has its own personality: flying storks are very shy, often foraging in groups, sleeping on low floors.

Tan Long stork garden

The fish stork boldly forages alone, is often hunted, and sleeps at the edge of the garden. Ibis fly away to look for food and then come back to sleep. Their large body makes them easy to hunt. The color of each type of stork is also different: pure white storks, red-headed storks… People come here to see the large birds with colorful feathers, see how they find food and raise young birds. The space here is completely opposite to the hustle and bustle of the city, giving you memorable experiences about the beautiful nature of this place.

Tan Long Stork Garden

The garden owner built an observation tower up to 10 meters high so people can observe the bird’s nests and see them up close. Especially from here, you can also watch the beautiful sunset.

Tan Long Stork Garden in sunset

Around 5pm, when the sun gradually sets, thousands of storks return after a day of foraging. Birds of all colors cover the sky, mixed sounds echo in the space, the beauty of the dying moment covers the lush green trees.

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