Co Thach Pagoda, in Binh Thuan, is not only famous landmark with sacred pagoda located in a special position but also attracts tourists by the amazing beauty of Co Thach beach (seven-colored rock beach), impressive beauty of the green moss season and the bustle of the rustic fishing village and fresh seafood dishes.

If you are a follower of spiritual tourism and love amazing natural landscapes, then don’t hesitate any longer and start your journey to explore this scenic Co Thach Pagoda.

General information about Co Thach Pagoda

Co Thach Pagoda (Vietnamese: chùa Cổ Thạch), is located in Co Thach Tourist Area in Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province. Co Thach means “ancient stone”, the pagoda is formed by giant natural rocks with strange shapes, stacked on top of each other to create mysterious caves, which is also the reason why local people called Hang Pagoda (Cave Pagoda).

Co Thach Pagoda

The pagoda belongs to the natural rocky mountain complex of Binh Thuan province, almost nestled between huge rocks; right next to a long, wild and peaceful beach.

This is a spiritual tourist destination with a charming and poetic landscape that attracts millions of visits each year. The Buddhist architectural complex was built on a mountainside about 64m above sea level, close to caves with an area of more than 2,000 square meters. Possessing a location adjacent to the sea to the Southeast, bordering mountains and forests on the remaining three sides, the pagoda impresses with its extremely sacred “mountain facing the water” terrain.

Co Thach Pagoda

The most appropriate time to visit Co Thach Pagoda is in March of the solar calendar and August of the lunar calendar. Because it is located in the Co Thach tourist area, in March you can combine visiting the pagoda and experiencing moss hunting at the beautiful rocky beaches here.

Co Thach Pagoda

While the lunar August period is exactly the time when the most important and exciting festivals in this land take place such as the Mid-Autumn Festival (the 13th), Nghinh Ong Festival (the 16th to 18th). Co Thach Pagoda opening hours: From 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.

What’s make Co Thach pagoda become so attractive?

Up to now, although more than 170 years have passed, this pagoda still proudly preserves many Sino-Vietnamese characters cultural heritage; horizontal panels and many precious ancient documents. Among them, a giant bell and thunder drums are heritage dating back to the early 19th century.

The architecture of Co Thach Pagoda is considered a very unique architectural complex. The shrines, and cups were built consecutively on a 64m high rocky hill and spread over more than 4 hectares.

Co Thach Pagoda

Co Thach Pagoda has a unique, pristine beauty, resting its head on the mountains and hills. With thousands of stone slabs and mysterious caves, looming in the mist like a fairyland, everyone who comes to Binh Thuan must visit.
The road to the pagoda is clear and has many shady trees, but is a bit winding and tortuous.

With 36 steps connected by stone slabs. At the foot of the stairs are a pair of winding dragons on both sides made of cement. To welcome visitors to the pagoda for pilgrimage.

Co Thach Pagoda

The path to the pagoda slopes gently, winding along the hillside, covered by cool green trees.

Co Thach pagoda cave

This pagoda is located on a rocky mountain complex, so it also has many special caves. Taking advantage of this terrain, Zen masters used them as a place of worship.

Co Thach Pagoda

In each cave at Co Thach Pagoda, a Buddha, Bodhisattva or a monk has passed away. Here, there is a cave of the patriarch – the person who established this pagoda. Inside, in addition to the statue worshiping the patriarch, there are also tablets with merits in building the pagoda. 

Co Thach Pagoda

Many shrines were built between large rocks, or in natural caves.

Next to that is the cave worshiping Cundi (Buddhism). In this cave there is an 8-armed Buddha statue and many other ancient statues. In another cave, Zen masters used to worship 23 ancient Buddha statues of many different sizes and ages.

The works in the pagoda are all delicately and meticulously designed with images of the “Four Spirits”: Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle, Phoenix on roofs and pillars, bold features of Buddhist architecture.

The main hall is nestled in a natural rocky mountain complex, next to which are the meditation houses, ancestral houses, bell towers, and drum towers…. bringing a new, wild beauty to the pagoda.

Co Thach Pagoda Binh Thuan

Each cave in the pagoda has its own beauty. To worship a deceased Buddha, Bodhisattva or monk. Especially monk Bao Tang – the person who gave birth to the temple that anyone entering will immediately feel the sacredness and mystery.

Co Thach Pagoda

The rocks around the pagoda and shrine are painted with paintings depicting the lives of Buddha and Bodhisattvas

Notes when visiting Co Thach Pagoda

Source: collected by An

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