Mui Ne sand dunes are also known as flying sand dunes because the shape of the sand dunes changes every day and every hour. The word “flying” can express the vastness, beautiful and unique scenery of the sand and the way the wind blows through the area. Sand in Mui Ne is often formed and moved by the impact of strong sea winds. When the wind blows, the sand is blown away and creates a smooth effect, like flying in the air. As one of the hot names on the map of Vietnam, every year Phan Thiet attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Coming to Phan Thiet without visiting Mui Ne Sand Dunes is an unfortunate miss. Let’s join with us in pocketing Mui Ne Sand Dunes travel guide from A-Z to “explore” this attractive place!

Where is Mui Ne Sand Dunes located?

Mui Ne Sand Dunes are also known by many familiar names such as Pink Sand Dunes, Golden Sand Dunes or Bay (flying) Sand Dunes… This attractive Mui Ne tourist destination is located 25km from Phan Thiet city center, famous entertainment and check-in place in the “tropical paradise” of Phan Thiet that many tourists love and frequent come to relax.

game in Mui Ne sand dunes

Mui Ne Sand Dunes do not have just one shape because the wind will make the layers fly in many different directions. From there, it creates regular changes every day and every month. This magical change has created many different unique shapes for Mui Ne Sand Dunes, making many tourists always want to come here and explore.

What is the best time to explore Mui Ne Sand Dunes?

Mui Ne Sand Dunes are not too affected by the Northeast monsoon, so the climate is relatively hot and dry. In return, this place does not have frequent storms, so it is very suitable for tourist activities. Therefore, you can visit the hot hit location in Phan Thiet at any time of the year. However, remember some of the following rules to make your trip more complete!

best time to explore Mui Ne Sand Dunes

April-May is the time when Mui Ne Sand Dunes is at its peak heat. Therefore, if you travel during this time, remember to prepare sunscreen and hats to protect your skin and maintain your health!

The period from April to August is considered the most ideal to travel to Mui Ne Sand Dunes. At this time, the sky is clear and cloudless, extremely suitable for outdoor activities such as sand skiing, off-road driving, hot air balloon flying,…

From September to December, Mui Ne often rains, so taking photos and having fun at Mui Ne Sand Dunes will be more or less affected. It would be an amazing time help you witness the beautiful red yellow color mixed with a little white.

How to get to Mui Ne Sand Dunes?

Visitors can travel to Mui Ne sand dunes by motorbike for backpackers or book a Jeep tour to be picked up at the resort or hotel. In addition, for more convenience, visitors can also choose to travel by taxi from Phan Thiet or Mui Ne.

How to get to Mui Ne Sand Dunes

Futa – one of the famous bus company to Mui Ne

In case you depart from Ho Chi Minh City, you can book a bus ticket to Mui Ne which Futa, Cao Lam, Lien Hung, or any bus company located in Eastern Bus Station (old one) or Eastern Bus Station (new one). The ticket fair cost from 200.000VND for a soft-seat bus with air-condition from Ho Chi Minh to Phan Thiet or Mui Ne. Then, you can continue to choose a taxi, or motorbike taxi to travel to Mui Ne Sand Dunes. This process will take about more than 1 hour.

Another option is booking a private car from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne with a driver which very suitable when you travel with family or friends, to explore Mui Ne sand dunes. It takes around 4 hours of driving and you can admire the beauty of nature along the way.

private car to Mui Ne

Sample of private 7-seater car to Mui Ne

Typical attractions at Mui Ne sand dunes

Golden Sand Dunes

Golden Sand Dunes are also known as Forest Sand Dunes or Lien Huong Sand Dunes because of the bright yellow sand strips covering a corner of the sky, where created many artistic masterpieces of photographers. From the Golden Sand Dunes, you can enjoy a beautiful landscape of the sea and Mui Ne town every sunset.

Golden Sand Dunes

Sunset at the golden sand dunes is like a magnificent and romantic picture. This is also the place of inspiration for many famous artists and the virtual check-in place for many tourists to immerse themselves in the wonderful sunset. Tourists often come to Golden sand dunes to participate in adventurous activities on the sand such as sand skiing and sand cycling…

Pink sand dunes

Pink sand dunes – also known as red sand dunes, this place is covered with a light pink color of sand. The sand dunes here are high and winding.

Pink sand dunes

Coming here, you will feel the melodious and peaceful scene. This attracts many tourists, especially young people and couples who love each other and like to immerse themselves in the romantic, sparkling scenery of the sunset.

Bau Trang sand dunes

Bau Trang (white sand dunes), also known as Bau Sen sand dunes because the growing number of lotus in here (Vietnamese: Sen means lotus), are considered the heart of Mui Ne sand dunes. With a long and wide white sand beach, clear blue sea water and gentle waves, it is also special because of its large lake area with many lotuses. This is an ideal location to relax, sunbathe.

Bau Trang sand dunes
The Bau Trang attracts tourists because of the overwhelming beauty of nature. The lotus flowers in the middle of the lake look like a green oasis in the heart of the dry, windy desert. The route to Bau Trang is also a popular check-in point for many tourists and is where many famous artists choose to film music videos.

Things to do when traveling to Mui Ne Sand Dunes?

Mui Ne Sand Dunes is likened to a beautiful picture of nature, where white sand forms perfect lines, painting a scene full of color and vitality. Coming to this attractive sand dunes, you will have exciting and wonderful experiences. 

Terrain racing

This is a game suitable for active young people who love the feeling of adventure, satisfying their passion for speed.

Terrain racing

Races include off-road racing on sand, racing on grasslands, or even racing through coastal forests.
Car rental service from only 200,000 VND/hour. Customers who rent a car will receive dedicated instructions. However, when participating in this activity, make sure to follow safety rules and regulations to keep yourself and others safe.

Sandboarding game

Sandboarding in Mui Ne is also known as sandboarding.This is a game that attracts a lot of tourists. Sand skiing in Mui Ne often takes place on high vertical sand dunes right on the beach, with very beautiful and attractive wave shapes.

Sandboarding game in Mui Ne
This game does not require special skills and is suitable for all ages. You can rent a skateboard from 50,000 VND/turn and conquer the highest sand peaks. You have complete peace of mind because the tour guide team will teach you how to control the skateboard and ensure safety when participating in the game.

Explore Suoi Tien

Mui Ne sand dunes area is also famous for the poetic and magical Suoi Tien (Fairy stream). Suoi Tien is formed from water flowing over high mountains and passing through waterfalls, rocks and meadows, creating a beautiful system of streams and lakes. The clear stream flowing through the red strip of land is illuminated by sunlight, creating an extremely unique scene.

Suoi Tien (Fairy stream)

To explore Suoi Tien, you can walk along the stream, watch small waterfalls, and bathe in cool and transparent lakes. In addition, in this area, visitors can also enjoy snacks, fruits being sold right next to the stream… Currently, Suoi Tien tourist ticket prices are for people. Adult ticket price is 15,000 VND/person and ticket price for children is 6,000 VND/person.

Jeep to visit scenic spots

In Mui Ne, tourists can rent jeeps to visit,  explore tourist attractions and live virtual lives in this suburban land. Jeeps have classic styles, bright colors such as yellow, blue, orange, white… creating a prominent highlight on the coastal road.

Jeep to visit scenic spots

This is also an opportunity for you and your loved ones to experience driving off-road vehicles on white sand strips.

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Some notes when coming to Mui Ne Sand Dunes

To fully enjoy the wonderful experiences at Mui Ne Sand Dunes, let’s see some notes and travel experiences below!

  • When participating in entertainment services such as renting a jeep, renting a boat to cruise on the lotus lake or renting skis on sand dunes, visitors should note that the prices of these services will be determined by the service provider. Therefore, you should ask the price before experiencing it to avoid inconveniences later.
  • If you choose to go to the sand dunes in the summer, be fully prepared with accessories such as wide-brimmed hats, thin scarves, eyeglasses, sunscreen,… to protect your skin and health on hot days.
  • In Bau Trang today, the number of shops serving soft drinks and renting motorbikes is relatively small, so you can proactively bring some food and drinks. If you love riding activities on the sand, you should arrive early to rent a car to avoid having to wait too long.
  • Visitors also need to note that the water level under the lotus pond is quite deep; therefore, you should not arbitrarily go into the lake.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes is one of the great destinations for tourists who want to experience an adventurous and unique vacation. Don’t miss the feeling of enjoying wonderful experiences and discovering the amazing beauty of this land. Don’t forget to book a hotel room, transportation or tour package with us to have the opportunity to receive the most surprising offers.

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