Vinh Long Museum is a place to store, preserve and display valuable documents about the heroic struggle period of the people of the Mekong Delta River. This place with its precious historical and cultural values has attracted many people who love to explore and choose it as a destination when traveling to Vinh Long.

And if Vinh Long communal house is said to be a place to preserve traditional cultural values through each generation, Vinh Long Museum is the place to preserve the heroic history of the people of the Southwest region during the two resistance wars.

General information about Vinh Long Museum

Vinh Long Museum was established in 1993 as a place to research and display cultural and historical heritage to recreate the formation and development process of Vinh Long province…

Besides, when visiting Vinh Long Museum, you will be introduced to the province’s historical relics and many other areas displaying intangible cultural heritage at the Provincial and National level.

Vinh Long Museum

A front view of Vinh Long Museum

Address: 1 Phan Boi Chau, Ward 1, Vinh Long City
Opening hours: 7:30 – 11:00 & 13:30 – 17:00 from Tuesday to Saturday.

Vinh Long Museum is only about 3km from the city center. And if you want to travel from Ho Chi Minh to Vinh Long, the best way is booking a private car with a driver to get this area.

What’s special about Vinh Long Museum?

The museum has a total area of more than 12 thousand m2, divided into 4 consecutive exhibition blocks, including: Revolutionary Historical Traditions Gallery, Vinh Long Ethnic Culture Gallery, Hung Vuong Temple and Thematic Exhibition House. The grounds of the museum are planted with many cool green trees and are places to display a number of outdoor artifacts such as cannons, tanks, cannons, airplanes, bunker relics and provincial prisons.

Vinh Long Museum

A tank displays in Vinh Long Museum

Revolutionary Historical Traditions Gallery

Located opposite the main gate is the Revolutionary History Traditional Gallery with a total area of 844m2 including ground floor and upper floors. It was formerly the Provincial Governor’s Palace, built during the French period, and later used by the provincial government as an exhibition place on revolutionary history. 

The ground floor space is where two thematic exhibitions are displayed. First is the topic about President Ho Chi Minh, Vinh Long Museum uses historical documents and images to introduce his great contributions to the national liberation movement.

Vinh Long Museum

The second is the theme “Vinh Long Heroes”, displaying historical figures, heroic Vietnamese mothers and Vinh Long Provincial Party Committee Secretaries from 1930 to present.

Vinh Long Museum

An area displays the heroes in Vinh Long during the war.

There is also another area used to display images and historical events associated with the struggle for national liberation by the army and people of the Southwest region through two resistance wars.

Ethnic Culture Gallery

The Ethnic Culture Gallery is located to the right of the main gate of Vinh Long Museum with an area of 900m2, a space to display images and artifacts related to the natural history and culture of ethnic groups in the province. The front room displays Oc Eo cultural artifacts found at Thanh Moi site, typically the Unicorn Statue, Goddess Saraswati Statue and Vishnu Statue – which was recognized as a National Treasure in 2018.

A Unicorn Statue in Vinh Long Museum

A Unicorn Statue in Vinh Long Museum

Vinh Long Museum

A set of “Don ca tai tu” tools

At the exhibition area, there is also a space to display the culture of the three ethnic groups Kinh – Chinese – Khmer divided into separate areas, each place is designed with a unique architectural style accompanied by a collection of jewelry, traditional costumes, musical instruments, etc. In addition, when you come to Vinh Long Museum, you will be introduced to “Don Ca Tai Tu”, an art form recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage in 2019.

Hung Vuong Temple

From the main gate of Vinh Long Museum, turn to the left and you will reach the Hung Vuong temple with an area of 193m2 hidden behind the green canopy of ancient trees. This is a project whose architecture and interior were restored by the Vinh Long Museum to clearly recreate a traditional Southern-style house in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Vinh Long museum

Hung King temple in Vinh Long museum

When coming here, in addition to admiring the antiques dating back more than a hundred years, you can visit the place where the Hung Kings are worshiped to pay their respects and remember the origins and merits of the Kings. On every 10th day of the third lunar month, at the Vinh Long Museum, the Hung King Ceremony is held, attracting a large number of people to attend.

Thematic exhibition hall

The thematic exhibition house can be said to be the most diverse and colorful place at Vinh Long Museum. Depending on different times, the Exhibition House will have a certain theme, including:
+ Thematic exhibition “Costume – Jewelry” of the Mekong Delta ethnic groups: through images and artifacts, typical costumes and jewelry of the Vietnamese, Khmer, and Chinese ethnic groups from the 18th to the 20th century.

Vinh Long museum+ Thematic exhibition “From reclamation until today”: the museum uses bibliographies, documents, images, artifacts, cultural heritage… to introduce the formation, development of the area, in order to pay tribute to the ancestors who have contributed to building and protecting the territory.

Vinh Long museum
+ Thematic exhibition “From Don Ca Tai Tu”: display the art of amateur music.

Vinh Long museum

+ Special exhibition “Vietnamese New Year”: With the desire to preserve and promote the traditional beauty of the nation. Artifacts on display such as the ancestral altar, set of sofas, couches, kitchen for cooking “banh chung”, “banh tet” – Vietnamese sticky rice cake…

Coming to Vinh Long Museum, you will learn more about the long-standing history, culture and tradition of heroic struggle through the two resistance wars against the French and Americans of the people of the Southwest region. Therefore, this is a place that you cannot miss in your Vinh Long travel guide.

Useful information about Vinh Long Museum

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