My Khe Beach in Da Nang with its beautiful and majestic natural landscape was voted by Forbes – America’s leading economic magazine – as one of the Top 6 most attractive beaches on the planet. This is the center many type of entertainment. Coming to My Khe beach, visitors will immerse yourself in a wonderful vacation full of interesting things.

Overview of Da Nang My Khe beach

Known as one of the most attractive beaches on the planet, My Khe quickly became a destination attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. The beach fully meets basic voting criteria such as convenient transportation, open free to all visitors, has a long and flat sandy beach, sunshine and wave levels suitable for playing sports, ensuring safety for visitors. In particular, there are also luxury resorts or villas that meet international standards.

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach, about 900m long, is a place in Da Nang that is very familiar to locals and tourists from near and far. This place is famous for its long stretch of fine white sand, gentle ocean waves, warm water all year round and surrounding romantic and beautiful coconut trees. Every weekend or on special occasions, the beach welcomes a large number of tourists.

My Khe Beach

Tourists can explore My Khe beach any time of the year, however the most beautiful time is probably still from April to September. During this period, the sun is gentle and bright, the sea is calm, extremely suitable for relaxing or participating in exciting outdoor activities.

sport game in My Khe Beach

Like other beaches of Da Nang, My Khe beach is a recreation and entertainment center with many attractive activities that visitors can experience such as fishing, windsurfing, diving, and yachting. At the beaches, there is also a rescue system including guard towers, life buoys, flags signaling swirling waters and rescue forces on duty day and night, ready to respond promptly when someone is in distress.

What is attractive about My Khe Beach in Da Nang?

Beach system at My Khe beach

The My Khe beach is divided into many extremely safe beach areas. Visitors can choose one of the following beaches to immerse in the cool, clear blue sea water with friends or family members.

Pham Van Dong beach: This beach is located right at the intersection of Pham Van Dong street, cutting the coastal route from Son Tra to Dien Ngoc to Hoi An. The beach is located in a park so it has a fairly compact area, is safe, and is suitable for children.

Pham Van Dong Beach in Da Nang

Beach T20-T18: This is the first and earliest My Khe beach in Da Nang. The beach is close to Non Nuoc tourist area – where an international surfing tournament was held. The sandy beach is short, the sea is deep and there are often big waves, so it is only suitable for young people who like thrills and want to experience and explore.

Beach T20 T18 My Khe

Beach 1-2-3: My Khe’s main beach is fully invested with parking locations, luggage storage, freshwater bathing, food and beverage, beach rescue, and environmental sanitation. The beach has a wide and long sandy beach, gentle coastline, few waves.

My Khe Beach

If coming with family members, this beach would be the best option. You can play comfortably without worrying about big waves.

Enjoy many unique dishes of Da Nang coastal area

Not only does the charming scenery make people nostalgic, My Khe beach is also famous for a series of famous specialties of the beloved land of Da Nang. Traveling to My Khe beach, you must definitely enjoy the following famous dishes:

Flying fish salad: As a unique dish that makes many tourists curious, flying fish salad leaves an impression with the aromatic taste of fish eggs. Blended into it is the sweetness of shrimp and the light fatty taste of pork with a little highlight from the accompanying herbs and peanuts. Only by enjoying it by yourself can feel the irresistible appeal of this delicious dish at My Khe beach.

salad flying fish

Seaweed: Similar to other seaweeds, seaweed is also one of Da Nang’s specialties at My Khe. Although not a rare dish, Da Nang seaweed is still loved by tourists in its own way. If you have the opportunity to visit My Khe beach, try and feel what’s special about the seaweed here!

seaweed in Da Nang

Seafood: Having the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood right at a beautiful beach like My Khe, of course no one would choose to miss it, right? Therefore, if you come to My Khe, you must definitely “eat” the most famous seafood dishes!

seafood in Da Nang

Source: collected by An

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