Gáo Giồng Eco-tourist site covers an area of 7 hectares, lies in area of cajuput forest with an area of 1,700 hectares. This tourist area is a ideal place for sightseeing, camping, and enjoying the local life in the Mekong Delta. This is one of the few ecological zones that still retains almost all of the wild features of the Southern region and is known as the “miniature Plain of Reeds”.

What is the best time in Gáo Giồng?

The most ideal time to travel to Gáo Giồng is from September to November when the level of water in the Mekong Delta River rises. During this time, water covers the fields, turning Gáo Giống into an oasis in the midst of immense water. Futhermore, thousand type of flowers such as Sesbania sesban, red water lily, giant Crape-myrtle, lotus…are blossing, create romantic colorful natural painting hardly seen anywhere else.
However, Gáo Giồng is an ideal camping site for young peple during the dry season.

Thing to do in Gáo Giồng Eco-tourist site?

The attraction with wild nature attracting a large number visitors of Đồng Tháp Province. Visitor can go to this site by land or by boat. And below are some things visitor should try whenever you have a chance to come here.

Admire a great view of Gáo Giống from a 18-meter observatory

Before entering the bird sanctuary, visitors can climb to a 18 meter high observatory to enjoy the entire bird sanctuary. It’s amazing as you can observe a magnificent view of the wildlife from a certain altitude. At dawn or sunset, tourists can see flocks of white strock flying to search for food and return to their nests. The white stroks stand out from green forest, creating a beautiful scenery.

Explore Bird sanctuary

Gáo Giồng Eco-tourist site has a bird yard of about 40 hectares with over 200 of species of birds, notably are Asian openbill, little egret, phalacrocorax niger, mallard, whistling ducks…and some of them are listed in the Vietnam’s Red Data Book such as Asian openbill, Otididae. The area is also the habitat of white storks with tens of thousands of them, making this the largest stork garden in Plain of Reeds.

A sightseeing trip by boat

It’s exactly a wooden sampan rowing you along crisscrossing canals to deep penetrate into the mangrove forests. The freshair and calmness will help relax yourself and let your mind dip into a comfortable state. This is also the best way for tourists who want to explore the habitat of birds or get closer to flora in this area.

Traditional folk games

It’s possible to join the life and culture of the people in the Mekong Delta via traditional folk games in Gáo Giồng Eco-tourist site. For those who prefer quietness, fishing is another way to relax. However, if you want something more enjoyable and dynamic, just try catching fish by net, draining ditches for fish and especially running and catching rat on the rice field.

Enjoy specialties

Gáo Giồng is also famous for a plentiful resource of aquatic products, including snakeheads, anabas and notopteridae. It can be turned out to many delicious dishes and some of them you should try whenever you have a chance to come here such as smoked snakehead wrapped in young lotus leaves, sweet and sour soup with cork flowers and henicorhynchus, grilled snake….

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