Cần Thơ Market (also known as Cần Thơ Ancient Market) is located right next to Ninh Kiều wharf and is a symbolic work of Cần Thơ city. The market was built around 1915, at the same time as Bến Thành market and Bình Tây market (Ho Chi Minh City), which is considered the most beautiful market in the Mekong Delta. Cần Thơ market also has other names such as Lục Tỉnh (Six provinces market) because it was the focal point of river trade in the Mekong Delta and Hàng Dương market. Over time, the building was damaged and in 2005 was repaired and restored by the city government according to the old architecture.

The market is located on a rectangular campus with a total area of ​​1,723 m², with curved ceilings, roof tiles in the yin-yang style. In addition to sightseeing, shopping, and admiring the architecture, what makes many people excited when coming here is discovering the delicious culinary delights of Europe and Asia.
Since 2009, Cần Thơ city has implemented a project to build a Walking Street, a food court, a night market, and a souvenir shop at Ninh Kiều Wharf. Operating time from 6 pm the previous day to 4 am the next day. Although the inherent bustle of the day is no longer as present as before, today Cần Thơ market plays a very important new role in the tourism face of the city.

Cần Thơ Market