Can Tho – the capital of the Southwest region, is one of the cities with many beautiful, ancient and famous sacred pagodas. Among them is the Phat Hoc Pagoda, Vietnamese: Chùa Phật Học (chùa means pagoda), a familiar pilgrimage site for Buddhist groups. In addition, the Pagoda is famous for its sacred ancient architecture and attracts a large number of tourists to visit and sightsee. The information in the following article will help you know more about this pagoda so you can conveniently visit it during your trip to Can Tho.

General information about Phat Hoc Pagoda

Phat Hoc Pagoda is located at 34 Hoa Binh Avenue, Ninh Kieu District. Although located in the center, it is always noisy and bustling, but when you step inside the pagoda, it is a quiet and peaceful space completely different from the outside.

Phat Hoc Pagoda

The Pagoda is a typical temple of Mahayana Buddhism in Can Tho which has a long history and is a place of practice and worship for many Buddhists. Visitors can easily and conveniently walk to the pagoda during their Can Tho travel itinerary to see the scenery and feel the rhythm of life here.

Phat Hoc Pagoda – Modern and liberal features in architecture

The pagoda has a long history, formerly the headquarters of the Nam Viet Buddhist Association of Can Tho province, built by the Buddhist Association in 1951. In the past, the pagoda had only 3 floors, and the architecture was relatively simple. In 2012-2014, the pagoda was greatly restored into a 5-story building, located majestically in the heart of the city, right in the middle of a crowded street, however, Phat Ngoc Pagoda still maintains a pure and peaceful space.

Phat Hoc Pagoda

To enter the pagoda, you must pass through the small three-entrance gate in front with impressive and ancient architecture. In front of the gate are two protective Gods of Wind and Thunder, on the right side are statues of three Buddhas Shakyamuni, Medicine Buddha and Amitabha Buddha.

Phat Hoc Pagoda

Main gate

Phat Hoc Pagoda

Three Buddha statues outside the temple gate

The pagoda’s architecture is similar to many typical pagodas in the Southern region, with a large main hall, many doors, and a spacious, airy corridor surrounding it.

Phat Hoc Pagoda
The campus of the Pagoda is shaded by ancient trees and under the tree is a statue of Amitabha Buddha peacefully located. Around the campus, there are many other Buddha statues with many Buddhist sutras and the Great Compassion Mantra carved into the stone.

Phat Hoc pagoda

The spacious main hall worships Buddha, a space to worship the Patriarchs, a lecture hall with a statue of Buddha with thousand hands and thousand eyes, and a space to store the remains of past Buddhists.

Phat Hoc Pagoda

The main hall

On each floor, the pagoda is solemnly decorated and worships different Buddhas: Amitabha Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha and Medicine Buddha.

Coming here, everyone will let go of worries and sadness in life and sincerely pray to Buddha for peace for their families and relatives.

The festivals are held at Phat Hoc Pagoda

If you have the opportunity, you can go to Phat Hoc Pagoda on annual Buddhist holidays such as Buddha’s Birthday, Ghost Festival,… on these days, the pagoda is decorated splendidly and majestically, attracting visitors. Pilgrimages come from many places.

Many people usually come and practice Buddhism here. This place is also often chosen to hold many conferences on Buddhism. In addition, Phat Hoc Pagoda is also a prestigious charity site which help many people.

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