Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien), also known as Suoi Hong, is a located in Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province. Because it is a small stream of water flowing behind the red sand dunes, instead of being clear like other streams, Suoi Tien has a striking orange-red color.

Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien)

The length of Suoi Tien is just under 2km, the average depth is about 10cm with many side branches flowing into it, after about 4km you will find a small waterfall upstream. On one side of the stream are sand stalactites, on the other side is a vast green forest. From there, creating an extremely unique landscape.

General information about Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien)

Since ancient times, local people in Ham Tien – Mui Ne found this stream strange and mystical. They thought that this was a “heaven-sent” source of cool water for the scorching hot desert.
Although it is called a stream, this place is actually just a small stream and located behind the sand dunes. Tinted with the red-orange color of the sandy soil here, Fairy Stream has an extremely unique and different color from most streams in Vietnam.

Fairy Stream Mui Ne

For tourists coming from the northern provinces of the country, you will first need to fly to Ho Chi Minh City, then continue to travel to Binh Thuan province. If you depart from Phan Thiet city, you will have to travel about 18km to reach Fairy Stream tourist area. To save your valuable time, completely relax and admire the beauty along the journey, especially when you traveling with a group, it would be better to book a private car or bus from Ho Chi Minh city to Mui Ne, or directly to the Fairy Stream.

Entrance fee at Fairy Stream Mui Ne

To cover the costs of protecting the natural landscape of Fairy Stream, the local government has decided to collect a fee, but don’t worry too much because tickets to visit Fairy Stream are extremely affordable, only 7,000 VND/person for children over 6 years old and 15,000 VND/person for adults. You do not need to book in advance and can buy tickets directly here. Although it is only a small stream, this location is as beautiful as a fairyland, so it attracts a lot of people to visit. You can consider going here when there are not many people or avoid going during the peak tourist season to make your exploration more free and comfortable.

What’s an attractive in Fairy Stream?

Originating from a stream of water about 6m high flowing from the sand cave, a small stream running more than 2km long and winding rhythmically has formed. Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream) is nestled around sandy clay emulsions eroded over time by rains, with main colors such as red, brown, yellow… with many strange shapes. The water here is only ankle high, the deepest part is not even over the knee. The stream floats gently, very suitable for walking barefoot in the cool clear water. 

Fairy Stream Mui Ne
The miracle is that along the stream on one side are sand dunes 15-20m high. Many white sand dunes are frozen like weathered rocks, creating diverse shapes; on the other side of the stream is a coconut garden and fruit orchard.

Fairy Stream in Mui Ne

The most beautiful thing is after a shower, the flow of water is like an invisible sculptor diligently creating vivid works of natural art. 

Fairy Stream in Phan Thiet

The space here is always red with the color of sand. Along with that are thousands of sand stalactites jutting straight up into the sky like the top of a tower. The sand is eroded by wind and rain, so it has many strange shapes, but is as hard as rock.

On the western slope of the stream, the micro-topography reflects the distinction between the two types of sediment quite clearly. On the red sand, erosion grooves, slip marks, and drifting sand appear. On the gray-white sand there are “sand towers, sand mushrooms”, vertical walls, erosional frogs and waterfalls.

Fairy Stream in Mui Ne

Another interesting thing is that the water source of Fairy Stream is clear, flowing on the yellow sand mixed with red, so visitors feel like the spring water is changing color, mixed with silt. Every day, water flows from the sand cave. Even at the driest season, when the sun lasts for 3 to 4 consecutive months, the cool water of Fairy Stream still flows continuously into the sea.

Fairy Stream Phan Thiet

If you are someone who likes to explore and want to experience it in your own way, you can go along the stream with many paths to the top of the hill. Standing high up and admiring the heavenly beauty that has just been minimized in your eyes, you can see all that wild and majestic beauty.

Notes when visiting Suoi Tien tourist area

  • You should wear comfortable, loose clothes so that when you wade in the water you won’t get wet.
  • There is an additional fee for rinsing your feet with clean water after a tour.
  • If you go with children, you should prepare an extra set of clothes to change into for them after playing.
  • You can rent a self-driving car in Mui Ne to visit many other places near Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream).
  • You should ask the price of food and drinks before buying to avoid the price being unsatisfactory.
  • You should bring a jacket to avoid heatstroke in the summer.
  • Prepare a waterproof bag or phone strap so that when taking virtual photos, it’s okay if you accidentally drop it.

Source: collected by An

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