Tan Phong Islet is an ideal destination for those who want to explore life in the middle of the Tien River, a tributary of the Mekong River. The area is blessed with rich and luxuriant natural products. Besides, the people here are very gentle and hospitable. Therefore, those who have the opportunity to come here once, when far away, are nostalgic.

Where is Tan Phong islet?

Tan Phong is a famous tourist destination located between the Tien River and the right bank of Cai Be floating market, Cai Lay district, Tien Giang province, just over 40 km from My Tho city or around 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Tan Phong islet consists of islets, namely Trich Islet, Dai Dien Islet, Ngam Islet, Tre Isle, Bau Islet, and Ca Ngat Islet with a total area of around 2,500 ha.

From Ho Chi Minh city, it takes more than 2 hours and 30 hours, over a distance of more than 100km, to reach the Hiep Duc – Tan Phong ferry terminal. After that, it will take you about 10 more minutes floating on the river to reach this island.

ferry to Tan Phong islet from Hiep Duc

ferry to Tan Phong islet

From Can Tho city, you will travel a distance about 75km to Hiep Duc ferry terminal. And again, you will spend 10 minutes on the ferry before arriving at here. Don’t forget to turn on and follow Ms.google advice when you driving by yourself.

Things to do in Tan Phong Islet?

Tan Phong is famous for its fruit-laden orchards, especially in the ripe fruit season. Furthermore, with a cool and fresh climate all year round, favored by nature, it attracts thousand of tourists come to visit and relax. Not only possessing a charming landscape, but Tan Phong also has many unique types of entertainment that attracts many tourist come to enjoy and experience: 

Explore the beauty of Tan Phong islet by bicycle

Cycling around a system of zig zag narrow village roads, alleys of the islet, watching the scenery on both sides of the road is extremely interesting. You will be slowly go through the small alleys to admire the peaceful beauty of the village and the simple lifestyle of the local people. This activity is preferred by most foreigners.

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It would be a great chance for you to admire the local houses built from water coconut leaf, coconut wood, bamboo…hidden in lush gardens.

Explore anals of the islet by sampan

A distinctive feature of the islet is that there are many small wooden sampans parked on the riverbank. Many people often say, if you have never been on a sampan when coming to the islet, it means you have missed the opportunity to admire the “beauty” of Tan Phong. So, don’t miss this exciting activity.

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Sightseeing activities by boat will always be accompanied by a guide. They will fully explain what you are experiencing. The wooden boat will take you to crept into the orchards, learn about the typical nipa tree of the island country, visit the lives of the people living in the gardens along the water…

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Visiting and enjoying fruit at the garden

Tan Phong islet covers an area of more than one thousand hectares. The region is favored by nature with fertile alluvial grounds and a mild climate all year round, so it integrates the development of large fruit gardens.

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Coming to Tan Phong, you will be delighted to enjoy tropical fruits such as longan, grapefruit, plum, pomelo, jackfruit…, especially rambutan and durian.

The islet is known to many people as the “Rambutan Kingdom”. A typical example is the restoration and development of the brand “Tan Phong rambutan”, one of the favorite fruit brands for many years, because of its unique delicious taste and good quality. The quantity is much better than rambutan grown in other places. In addition to the Java rambutan variety that has been widely grown for a long time, Tan Phong also introduced many new rambutan varieties that are popular in the market thanks to their outstanding advantages such as: longan rambutan, Thai rambutan.


A bunch of rambutans laden with fruit in a orchard

The same goes for durian, the entire Tan Phong durian area is planted with high quality varieties: Ri6, Mongthong.
Today, some gardeners in Tan Phong have boldly invested capital, upgraded infrastructure, and converted fruit growing areas into tourist attractions to attract tourists. Up to now, Tan Phong has many tourist business locations operating quite bustlingly in the style of “linking gardens” with adjacent fruit gardens, serving visitors every season.

Enjoy the specialties in Tan Phong Islet

Rice snail is one of the famous specialties of Tan Phong islet that mainly live in the area of Con Bau, Con Tre, Con Tron and Ba Rai River. Among them, the rice snail in Con Tre is the most famous. Because snails live in sandy areas, they are often large, with a turquoise shell, full and fatty intestines. In addition, you can make many different dishes from rice snails such as fried rice snails with garlic, fried rice snails with spicy butter, snails cooked with porridge or braised with coconut water…. 

rice snail in Tan Phong

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Enjoy “don ca tai tu” show

Don ca tai tu is a famous local folk music in Mekong Delta region. The artists will have professional and attractive performances at venues. You will clearly feel Western culture through their songs. Besides, you can also enjoy irresistible delicious food while listening to them sing. There is nothing more satisfying than being able to satisfy sight, hearing and taste at the same time.

A “don ca tai tu” show

Tan Phong islet has been attractive to travelers for a long time thanks to beautiful sights and unique culture. This ecotourism attraction is must-visit in Mekong Delta, promises to be a memorable memory in your trip.