Since its establishment until now, Ben Thanh market is still being the busiest and most famous market in Saigon. It is considered one of the important symbols of the city; a famous destination not only for many locals but also for foreign tourists from all around the world.

Where is the Ben Thanh Market?

Ben Thanh market is located on an intersection of four busy streets in District 1. The main entrance or Southside is on Le Loi street overlooking Quach Thi Trang Square with the symbol of a three-sided clock tower. The Northside is on Le Thanh Ton Street. The Eastside is on Phan Boi Chau and the Westside on Phan Chau Trinh Street.

History and architecture of the market

From a primitive market with materials such as brick, wooden frame, and thatched roof, which was partly damaged by a fire in 1870. In 1911 it was demolished for a more spacious one which was completed in March 1914. After being moved many times, it is now standing in the very center of the city where consumers can conveniently all sorts of goods imaginable. Although in 1985, Ben Thanh market was renovated and overhauled, basically the old architecture still remains, especially the front of the clock tower which was kept as it was.

Since the building was constructed around the time of the French Colonial time, so the building holds strong French influence. The market adopted some of its unique features from French architects.

About the Ben Thanh market

Currently, Ben Thanh market has an area of ​​about 13,000 m2, which is the largest retail market with more than 1,400 booths and about 6,000 small businesses. The market sells mainly clothing items, fabrics, shoes, fashion, handicrafts, fresh fruits, flowers fish, poultry, predominantly arts, and ceramics
This is also where the food vendors are set up to sell common Vietnamese dishes like pho, broken rice, spicy beef noodle soup, fresh-water crab soup, rice-flour rolls, grilled seafood, desserts. In addition, the market is also very plentiful with edible goods that are packaged such as dried seafood, roasted peanuts, candied fruit, coffee beans, tea, fish sauce, herbs, and spices of many regions throughout Vietnam.
Ben Thanh Market is also very lively at night. After 20 pm, the street lights up when the market becomes the busiest and most exciting. At this time, many main stalls started to close gave way for other clothing stalls, souvenirs, handicrafts … located outside the market on Phan Chu Trinh and Phan Boi Chau streets.

The stalls offer similar items to the day market but with a greater emphasis on food and drink. Some stalls expand into the road offering tables and seats. Every night, locals and tourists gather here to enjoy delicious food and immerse in the vibrant and dynamic night atmosphere.