U Minh Thuong National Park is one of the “hottest tourist destinations” in Kien Giang. This place evokes a majestic, pristine beauty of green nature. Not only that, U Minh Thuong is also a land associated with many historical periods of the nation. For you to have a trip to explore this poetic southwestern land, Vietdreamtravel has updated the latest U Minh Thuong forest tourism experiences as below.

Introduction to U Minh Thuong National Park

U Minh Thuong National Park was formerly a nature reserve in Kien Giang province. The total area of ​​the forest is 21,107 ha, of which the main area accounts for 8,038 ha, the rest is a buffer zone for people to cultivate.

U Minh Thuong National Park

A small view of U Minh Thuong National Park from above

With an extremely large area and cool space, U Minh Thuong forest eco-tourism has become a favorite destination of thousands of tourists. In particular, this place possesses an extremely unique and diverse ecosystem that attracts many nature-loving tourists to visit every year.

Ideal time to travel to U Minh Thuong

Dubbed the green lung of the Mekong Delta, U Minh Thuong eco-tourism area is full of immense green all year round. From mixed melaleuca forests, melaleuca forests on peatlands, canals, grasslands,… all bring a fresh environment that you can almost travel to U Minh Thuong at any time of the year.

  • In the hot dry season, there is nothing like a trip in the cool forest, watching the rare wild animals or listening to the birds singing.
  • And the rainy season (August – November) is probably the most ideal time to come to U Minh Thuong forest because this is the season of floating water so the water level rises, you will be sitting on the rowing boat to easily turn Water drifted between the green Melaleuca forest, fragrant.

U Minh Thuong National Park

What to do when traveling to U Minh Thuong National Park?

U Minh Thuong eco-tourism area is still a relatively new destination for western tourists. But with the beauty of the sacred forest, reminiscent of its roots and history, U Minh Thuong is attracting more and more visitors.

After stepping through the welcoming gate area at Hoa Mai Lake – the center of U Minh Thuong eco-tourism area, visitors will like to sink into a forgotten fairyland. According to the U Minh Thuong forest tourism experience of Vietdreamtravel, here are the unique experiences that you should not miss at this priceless heritage garden!

Admire rare species of flora and fauna

U Minh Thuong eco-tourism area is one of the most precious and valuable places to preserve flora and fauna in our country. Besides Melaleuca trees and primary forest cover, U Minh Thuong is also home to more than 254 plant species belonging to 84 families. In which, there are many species of tall and big trees.

map of U Minh Thuong National Park

Besides, the fauna here is also very rich with the presence of 32 mammal species, 186 bird species, 39 amphibian reptile species and 34 fish species. In particular, many species of mammals are listed in the Red Book of Vietnam such as: The hairy-nosed otter, the Asian palm civet, the fishing cat, Finlayson’s squirrel, The spot-billed pelican, Pangolins…

U Minh Thuong

the fishing cat in U Minh Thuong

That is why U Minh Thuong is considered the pride of the local people in the Mekong Delta region as well as always striving to preserve it. For nature lovers, a trip to U Minh Thuong ecotourism area will be enjoyable.

Find about the history of epic wars

U Minh Thuong is one of the revolutionary bases that went through two periods of resistance against the French and the US in the southwestern region. This is also the place where important forces were established such as: the first Party cell of the Kien Giang Provincial Party Committee, the Central Southwest Office, the Southern Party Committee, the Military Region 9, … It can be said, U Minh Thuong has accompanied our people through important historical periods of the nation.

Xeo Can Pagoda

Xeo Can Pagoda

For those who love to learn about history, the U Minh Thuong tour to visit the monuments here will definitely be a very meaningful journey. Visitors can visit monuments such as:

  • Historical – Cultural relics of Oc Eo period: Temple of the King, Keo Mot, Nen Vua, …
  • Khmer Xeo Can Historical – Cultural Relic
  • Historical relic – Revolutionary base U Minh Thuong: Bau Mon victory stele, Xeo Ro victory stele, …
  • Historical Relic – Revolutionary Base Ban Security Zone 9

Boat ride through Melaleuca forest

According to the experience of U Minh Thuong forest tourism of Vietdreamtravel, sitting on a boat to visit the Melaleuca forest and the swampy areas is the most challenging activity. The cascades of ice rattled waves soared in the sound of flapping wings of birds, the water surface was thickly covered with pointed duckweed and water lilies, water spinach, tubs, …

boating in U Minh Thuong
Sitting on the boat in the middle of the endless green space, you will forget all worries in daily life. Only a feeling of incredible peace and relaxation remains.

U Minh Thuong

Enjoy rustic food

Right next to Hoa Mai Lake is the stilt house, where you can stop for a vacation and enjoy the delicious rustic dishes of the western river.

rustic food in U Minh Thuong

In the cool space of the Melaleuca forest, you can both admire the scenery and eat the local dishes such as: Snakehead fish, grill rat, hotpot fish sauce with wild vegetables, steamed snakehead fish, grilled snakehead fish, grilled catfish served with ginger fish sauce, …

Visit Mang Doi, Trang Chim

Mang Doi or Trang Doi and Trang Chim are two destinations not to be missed in U Minh Thuong tourist itinerary. Trang Bat is home to thousands of bats, including Lyle’s flying fox, the large flying fox in danger of extinction.

u minh thuong
Goodbye Trang Doi, visitors will come to a vast water surface covered with soft ferns. This is Trang Chim or bird sanctuary – home to many birds.

u minh thuong national park

When the boat turns the waves, the whole flock of birds flapping their wings and flying in the air like a spectacular green forest dance.

Fishing in U Minh Thuong forest

One of the most attractive experiences for tourists is renting a fishing boat in U Minh Thuong forest. You can rent a canoe at Hoa Mai Lake, bring food, drink, fishing gear and sail along the canals filled with lilies, choose a spot to let go of the fishing rod. This place attracts countless “gentlemen” of all ages. All are infatuated with nature and enjoy this elegant pleasures.

fishing in U Minh Thuong

You will have a chance to catch very large fish, weighing from a few kilograms to several tens of kilograms. In addition, U Minh Thuong eco-tourism area also assists visitors in processing dishes from the ingredients you catch.

Travel expenses to U Minh Thuong National Park

According to the experience of Vietdreamtravel, U Minh Thuong travel costs are usually not very high because tourists often choose to go back during the day, not stay. So you will not have to spend money on accommodation, only costs to rent items, meals, cars. The current car price is only about 50,000 VND, depending on the needs of each person, but revealed that the price is very cheap.

U minh thuong

In addition, below is the fee list for services when traveling to U Minh Thuong:

  • Boat rental price: About 30,000 VND / 3-leaf boat
  • Fishing tickets: 40,000 VND / ticket / person
  • Motorboat ticket: 20,000 VND / person / route, enough for 4 people 1 new boat.

Travel expenses U Minh Thuong are too cheap for a day of rest, relaxation, enjoying the green space of nature, right?

Some note when traveling to U Minh Thuong

According to U Minh Thuong forest tourism experience, in order for the trip to go smoothly, you should note the following points before starting the journey.

  • Bring all the necessary personal applications: toothbrush, toothpaste, face towel, sunscreen, …
  • Bring some basic medical supplies such as gauze, urgo, insect repellent, wind oil, stomach ache medicine, fever, anti-allergy medicine…

The above are all of the U Minh Thuong National Park experiences that Vietdreamtravel shares with you to fully explore this unique ecological forest in Kien Giang! You can also save time and budget by booking cheap tours on our page. Please contact Hotline (+84)918709338  to receive special offers. Wish you have a happy U Minh Thuong travel itinerary with your relatives and friends!