Cai Be Church is an impressive architectural work located peacefully at the romantic river confluence, and is also a can’t-miss destination for parishioners. Located at the confluence of rivers, and also the meeting point of the region’s famous Cai Be Floating Market, Tien Giang, the church possesses a striking appearance and impressive Roman architecture, attracting the attention of visitors everyone who has a chance to pass by. On your upcoming trip to Tien Giang, you must definitely visit this special church.

General information about Cai Be Church

Tien Giang is truly an ideal destination for those who love spiritual attractions. If Truc Lam Chanh Giac Zen Monastery is the perfect stop for Buddhists, then Cai Be Church is the perfect choice for Catholics when they have the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the Mekong Delta River.

The church was built by German priest Adophe Keller and Cai Be parishioners from 1929-1932. Cai Be Church has Western Roman architecture made of reinforced concrete and cast stone. Through many ups and downs of time, it still retains its elegant and ancient beauty. From Ho Chi Minh City, it takes around 2 hours of driving to get here, therefore, a booking a private car to Cai Be would be the best way to visit the church also visit the local area for full day.

Unique Roman architecture next to the confluence of rivers

The church has two very balanced horizontal wings, including one main heart and two side hearts with a large and cool campus. Viewed from above, the church looks like a giant cross that stands out among the green campus and idyllic village. 

Cai Be Church

The bell tower has a very large set of 4 bells, cast in France in 1931. In addition, at the top of the bell tower there is also a statue of the Virgin Mary about 2.3 meters high, cast from terracotta. Whenever it is nearly time for important occasions in the parish, the church bell will ring. 

The exterior of Cai Be Cathedral is decorated with skillfully, meticulously and sophisticatedly carved details.

The two side gates of the front of the church have a pattern carved in the shape of a grape trellis, while the main hall area is cared for down to the smallest details.

The design and installation of many windows cleverly brought light from outside into the church. The main door, windows and the pattern of the canopy on the side door are all very elaborately crafted. The roof fringe blends harmoniously with the beauty of the doorways.

The dome is high, divided into zones with simple yet sophisticated patterns. The magnificent interior and paintings are solemnly decorated inside the church. The stained glass panel not only illuminates the interior of the cathedral but also has a unique aesthetic, creating a sacred space for worshipers.

Every small detail is meticulously crafted and rich in aesthetics. Everything is combined seamlessly and delicately, exuding solemn serenity.
The church has 5 precious marble altars and a set of beautiful stained glass doors. When entering the church, visitors will feel an aesthetically pleasing design, with rows of seats neatly placed on both sides of the aisle.

In the dawn light, the entire church complex becomes stunningly beautiful with a soaring bell tower, a majestic statue of the Virgin Mary, a bright brown roof, and a gentle river reflecting the sunrise.

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