As one of the most “famous” beach paradises in Vietnam, Nha Trang is always a place remembered by both domestic and foreign tourists whenever they suddenly “crave” the blue sea and white sand. Let Vietdreamtravel tell you a set of self-sufficient travel tips to explore Nha Trang so you can enjoy your “escape” trip to this beautiful coastal city!

What is the best time to explore Nha Trang?

Belonging to the South Central region, Nha Trang has two main climates: rainy and sunny seasons with an average annual temperature of 26.7 °C. But the biggest advantage of this city is the long sunny season during the first 8 months of the year, the temperature difference is not high. So perfect for souls who love the blue sea.

explore Nha Trang

From September to December is rainy season, peaking in October and November. At this time, the region has a lot of rain and often affected by storms. The advice is that those who want to explore Nha Trang during this time should check the weather situation in advance to schedule the most suitable trip to the island. However, this is no longer the peak season, so it is suitable for tourists who want a quiet vacation with a lot of relaxing.

In particular, Nha Trang also has many festivals taking place all year round. If you are someone interested in local culture, you probably don’t want to miss these opportunities.

  • Nha Trang Sea Festival: held in the summer of odd-numbered years, this is an event that attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists.
  • Thap Ba Festival: is an important festival of the Cham people, takes place every March 20 – 23 of the lunar calendar with many sacred activities such as bathing ceremony, changing clothes ceremony, worshiping ceremony…
Thap Ba festival in Nha Trang

Thap Ba festival in Nha Trang

How to get here?

By plane

Nha Trang is a city of Khanh Hoa Province – where Cam Ranh airport is located – so it is very convenient for those who like to travel to Nha Trang independently without spending too much time traveling. You can fly to Nha Trang from major cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang… in only about 1-2 hours. Cam Ranh is also an international airport allowing many directly flights from other countries to explore Nha Trang.

By train

If you want to experience the feeling of sitting on a moving train, the train is also an interesting means of travel to Nha Trang. There are many train routes to Nha Trang, with many different prices. You can choose from a seat by window air; soft seat air-condition or single bed in 4 – 6 beds sharing a cabin. For details of the trains, you can take a look in here:

train to Nha Trang

5-star train: Just launched not long ago, the SNT2 train will give you the most comfortable hours of traveling by train.
One point to note is that you should depart at 19:00 – 20:00 to arrive in Nha Trang around 5:00 am. That’s enough to recharge your energy and keep up the strength to travel in Nha Trang. In addition, if you are a student, don’t forget to bring your student card when buying tickets to receive a discount.

Tourist bus

Nha Trang is not too far from Saigon, so tourists often choose an overnight sleeper bus and get some sleep before arriving. Bus companies running the Saigon – Nha Trang route are Futa, Mai Linh, Kumho, Hoang Long, Sinh Café, Tam Hanh, Hanh Cafe…

bus to Nha Trang

Futa – one of the famous bus company to Nha Trang

The journey lasts about 8 – 10 hours and costs 200,000 – 500,000 VND/way, depend on type of bed you prefer. And certainly going from Hanoi will be farther, taking 26 – 30 hours. Hoang Long is a popular name running this route with ticket prices of 900,000 – 1,000,000 VND/trip.

In addition, you can also book a private car to Nha Trang. A car/bus with a driver would be the best option, especially when you travel with a group as it easy to stop on the way for sightseeing and relax.

private car to Nha Trang

Tourist attractions in Nha Trang

As one of Vietnam’s sea paradises, Nha Trang is always a top tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists thanks to its beautiful scenery and developed facilities. This place is also a cultural and historical destination of the Champa kingdom in the 9th and 10th centuries. Below are the tourist attractions that attract the most visitors come to explore Nha Trang while coming here. 

Institute of Oceanography

Institute of Oceanography in Nha TrangThe Institute is the place to keep the most specimens in Vietnam. It was established in 1923, built by the French, 1952 it was handed over to Vietnam to manage.
Coming to the Institute of Oceanography, you will have a chance to visit the Marine Creature Museum, which shows more than 80,000 specimens as well as living creatures kept in glass tanks.
The Institute is divided into three separate zones, including Specimen display area, living area, and artificial reef.

In particular, the museum also displays an 18-meter-long whale skeleton and a Dugong sea cow specimen, caught in fishermen’s nets in Phu Quoc in 2003. It has an excellent location for tropical oceanographic research because it is close to the ocean, of course, in deep water.

Address: 01 Cau Da Street, Nha Trang city.

Po Nagar tower

Po Nagar towerPonagar Tower is located on top of a low marble mountain about 50 meters above sea level. At the gate of the Cai River, now in Vinh Phuoc ward. This is one of the largest Champa cultural heritages in the country.
It was built from the 8th century to the end of the 13th century, in the Hindu period (Hinduism) also the peak period of the Champa kingdom. The name of the tower is named after Goddess Po Nagar – who taught people how to plant and produce rice. Her statue is placed in the largest tower which has 25 m high.

The other two towers are dedicated to Hindu gods Shiva with hour arms sitting on the back of a bull and Ganesha whose human body attached to an elephant head. The whole complex of Po Nagar tower is a special architectural artwork made of brick, which is a harmonious combination between architecture and sculpture of the typical Cham culture.

Po Nagar towerAround the temple area there are many green trees for visitors to sit and rest and enjoy the cool air. In addition to making pilgrimages and taking photos with magnificent ancient towers, visitors can admire the bustling boats on the river.

Every year, there is a took place from 21st – 23rd of March (lunar month) to introduce and honor the beauty of Cham Pa culture and is also ranked as one of 16 festivals of national stature. The Tower was recognized as the National Monument of Architecture by the Ministry of Culture and Information in 1979, for its exceptional architectural and artistic values.

Address: 61 Hai Thang Tu Street, Vinh Phuoc, Nha Trang city

Long Son Pagoda

Long Son PagodaThis is one of the largest pagodas in Nha Trang and is was founded in the late 19th century and renovated in 1940. The pagoda is also known as Dang Long Tu or Phat Trang (White Buddha) pagoda, famous for its statue which has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the largest outdoor statue in Vietnam up to now. The figure of the Buddha is 14 m while the lotus blossom comprises 7 m. Around the statue are statues of seven Arahants. In front of the statue are a pair of dragons, which are 7.20 m long. The way to the Buddha statue is 200 steps on Trai Thuy hill. Especially at the 44th level, there is also a statue of Buddha entering nirvana and a relief of 49 disciples reciting Buddha’s name.

Long Son Pagoda is located at No 22, 23/10 Street, Phuong Son Ward, and sits at the foot of Trai Thuy mountain, in the city of Nha Trang, just 400 m west of the railway station.

Explore charming islets in Nha trang

Nha Trang is known as an islet paradise. And it is a mistake when traveling to Nha Trang and ignoring the beautiful islets here. The simplest way to admire the islets in Nha Trang is to sign up for a day tour. The tour will combine entertainment on 3-4 islets, including seafood, so this method is quite suitable for those who travel to Nha Trang on their own. If you only want to go to 1-2 favorite islets, there is still a private boat service to take you to the islet.

Hon Mun (Mun islet)

Called Mun islet because the southeastern part of the islet has raised cliffs, rugged cliffs form caves, especially the stones are as black as ebony which could be rarely be found in other areas. Mun islet has located 10 km from Cau Da port (about 45 minutes by boat). Not only attractive by white sand, blue sea, wild bird nests on cliffs, coral reefs of all kinds … this place is also famous as one of the “richest and most beautiful” aquariums of the Southeast Asian sea. It is also famous for many marine services and exploring the sea by glass-bottom boat and diving services.

Hon Tam (Tam islet) 

Tam islet in Nha TrangTam is an islet of more than 110 hectares located in Nha Trang Bay, 10 minutes from the wharf. The island is well-known as “a small paradise” thanks to its pristine and pure beauty, plus its charming location in a peaceful sea blessed with warm sunshine and melodic breezes all year round. Tam islet becomes the ideal place for those who love ecotourism. Here you will experience many kinds of sea sports such as jetskiiing, wind suffering, adventure diving, walking under the sea and exploring the lively ocean with colorful coral reefs or participating in physical games such as rowing, kayaking, soccer under the sea, beach volleyball…

For those who believe in “virtual living”, Hon Tam Resort is also a place for you to freely relax with the beautiful scenery of one of the most luxurious resorts in Nha Trang. In addition, fun tours at Tam islet include an attractive lunch with many of the freshest local specialties.

Mieu Islet

Mieu Islet in Nha TrangMieu islet is home to Tri Nguyen Aquarium with more than 100 rich marine species. The aquarium looks like a fossil ship that is covered by moss for a long time. There are many fish ponds divided into 3 main categories: edible fish, carnivorous fish, and ornamental fish. Walking through a specially designed ship, you can witness a thousand colorful see fish that live in the clear blue water.

Coming here you will experience scuba diving to see the beautiful ocean, then you can comfortably swim, sunbathe, and relax at Tranh beach in the pristine and peaceful setting of the most beautiful beach in Hon Mieu.

Hon Tre (Tre Islet)

Tre isletHon Tre (Tre Islet) is located in Nha Trang Bay, 3.5km from Cau Da Wharf. This is the largest islet in Nha Trang Bay with an area of up to 32.5 km2. With a relatively isolated location, Hon Tre has the most beautiful natural beaches in the world. Hon Tre is known as Hon Ngoc Viet, exploited and built many resorts for a long time.

This is a pristine islet with a temperate tropical climate, less windy, so it attracts many construction projects such as the golf courses, resort – Vinpearl hotel, the most entertainment area of Vinpearl Land, Hon Tre cultural park, Se Tre tourist resort, Dam Bay eco-tourism area.

Hon Chong (Chong Islet)

Chong islet Hon Chong (Vietnamese means: Husband islet) is on Pham Van Dong street, about 3 km northeast of the city center. This place is a complex of large rocks with all kinds of shapes, stacked on top of each other running from the high shore to the sea. This tourist destination is also one of the most beautiful places to see the coastal city, with fresh, quiet air.

At Hon Chong, there is a giant five-fingered handprint, associated with many interesting legends. Right near Hon Chong, there is another cluster of rocks named Hon Vo (Vietnamese: Wife islet), shaped like a women looking to the sea waiting for her husbands, so they are named that way.

Hon Mot (Mot Islet)

Mot islet in Nha TrangHon Mot attracts tourists by the peaceful beauty of the fishing village on the sea, with tiled houses covered with green moss and boats bobbing on the sea.

This is the smallest island in Nha Trang Bay, Hon Mot is less than 1 square kilometer wide with 200 residents. Here, visitors will enjoy the fresh sea air and observe the lifestyle of fishermen.

On the island there are also many other activities such as shallow diving to see coral, water motorbike games, glass bottom baskets, parachute canoes…

Hon Lao (Lao Island)

Monkey islet in Nha TrangLao islet is also know as Monkey Island is a special attraction, with about 1,500 monkeys living in wild forest. Visiting the Monkey Island, tourists will have the opportunity to learn about the different species of monkey raised on the island, like yellow feathers, red face, long tail, penguin, lions …This is the ideal destination for visitors to witness the daily activities of the monkeys. Most of the monkeys here are friendly to people, but visitors need to be careful because they often come close to steal food. Furthermore, you can enjoy entertainment activities such as bathing, boat racing, fishing… On the island there is also a circus performance area with time frames of 9:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 15:15 p.m.

Tourists traveling in large groups can rent canoes for about 1,300,000 VND to visit the islets here. Some islets have entrance fees such as Hon Mun for 22,000 VND, Monkey Island ticket for adults is 144,000 VND and children for 72,000 VND.

However, to save costs and time, visitors should book daily tours. Beach tour and games at Mun Islet – Tranh beach, or Tam Islet cost 450,000 – 600,000 VND. Hon Mun scuba diving tour costs 600,000 VND. In addition to visiting the island, tours often include mud bathing, lunch at the fishing village.

Nha Trang Bay

nha trang bayNha Trang Bay is about 500km² wide, formed between two crescent-shaped beaches with smooth white sand stretching for 6.7 km. In the heart of the city is Nha Trang Beach which been famous and knows as the best beach city for a long time.

Talking about Nha Trang Bay, you should not forget to try some recreational activities such as parasailing, water motorbike, and especially scuba diving to immerse colorful sea creatures under the clear blue waters of this beautiful bay. Besides the favored nature, Nha Trang Beach is also attracted by the enthusiastic atmosphere with a wide array of dining and accommodation options.

Tourist attractions on the outskirts

Not too far from Nha Trang city center, there are still many famous bays and islands that attract many tourists to visit and explore, typically:

Van Phong Bay

Van Phong Bay belongs to Van Ninh district, about 40km north of Nha Trang city center. This place attracts tourists with the wild beauty of the large and small island populations and the clear blue of the smaller bays inside.

Van Phong Bay

There are two directions to the bay, one is by boat by sea from Nha Phu Bay, the other is by car or motorbike from Nha Trang city.

Ninh Van Bay

About 60 kilometers from the coastal city of Nha Trang. Located on Hon Heo peninsula, Ninh Van Bay has a wild and pure character. This place is especially suitable for those who want to find relaxation in a quiet sea space. In addition, you can also watch coral, scuba dive or try surfing, windsurfing, and kayaking. From Nha Trang, it only takes about 20 minutes by speedboat to reach this beautiful bay.

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba is a small island, with an area of over 3km², located in Cam Binh commune, Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province. 60 km from Nha Trang, about 390 km from Ho Chi Minh City. If we want to go to Binh Ba, we must go to Ba Ngoi port. Ba Ngoi port is 15km from Cam Ranh airport, Binh Ba is also 15km from Ba Ngoi port.

Binh Ba Island

Binh Ba attracts tourists thanks to its pristine sea and sky, clear blue water, friendly people, affordable prices and famous lobster specialties.

Doc Let Beach

Doc Let is located in Ninh Hoa Ward, around 50 kilometers to the North of Nha Trang City. Due to the remote location, Doc Let Beach still retains its natural beauty and incredibly calm waves. The sea level here is quite shallow and being embraced by many offshore idyllic islands which turn out to be an ideal place for you to get away from the bustling city. This is an ideal place for team-building activities including playing tug of war, playing volleyball in the sea, and camping.

Doc Lech beach

Bai Dai Beach

Bai Dai Beach is located 25 – 30 kilometers from Nha Trang City and around 10 kilometers from the Cam Ranh Airport. True to its name – Bai Dai (long wide beach), the beach here has white sand stretching for kilometers. And due to the remote location, this area also has fresh and airy atmosphere, very suitable for outdoor tours, outdoor entertainment, team building …

Dai Lanh Beach

Dai Lanh beach is located in Dai Lanh commune, Van Ninh district, about 30 km south of Tuy Hoa city and about 80 km north of Nha Trang city. The beach is quite shallow, you can comfortably enjoy an immense yourself in water. Stretching from a large fishing village at the north to the pristine sandy beach at the south, Dai Lanh.

Dai Lanh Beach

Attractive dishes in Nha Trang

Famous as a vibrant sea tourism city with hundreds of beautiful scenes, Nha Trang also lures travelers by its diverse culinary sources. This information of travel guide will be very useful for the food lovers who want to explore the  in the places where they step through.

  • Ninh Hoa Grilled Sausage: rice papers to roll the grilled sausage with herbs, accompanied with carrot pickle, grilled rice paper…
  • Bun Cha Sua: rice vermicelli, jellyfish, and steamed sailfish fillet in a sweet and savory fish broth.
  • Banh Cuon (Rolled Cake)
  • Banh Can (Rice Cake with Quail Eggs)
  • Seafood: supplied by local fishing villages, it quite easy for you to find and enjoy the fresh seafood in many ways.

Vietdreamtravel offers visa services; package tours and car/bus rental services to explore Nha Trang. Do not hesitage to contact us for any questions.