Ba Den Mountain, also know as Black Virgin Mountain or Black lady Mountain, is considered as the roof of the Southeast and an attractive destination in the Mekong Delta river tours. This place not only attracts tourists by the wild and majestic scenery but also by the surrounding thrilling legends. The mountain is suitable for exploring during the day or if you like you can choose to camp overnight here, it will bring a very interesting experience.

What is the best time to visit the mountain?

Located in the Southeast, Tay Ninh’s climate is relatively mild, divided into two distinct seasons. If the rainy season starts from May to November, the dry season is from December to April next year. Of course, going into the dry season is better because you don’t worry about heavy rains interrupting your journey.

Furthermore, people often go on Saturday and Sunday so if you have free time, try to avoid these times.

How to conquer Ba Den Mountain?

Ba Den is a majestic mountain located in the famous Ba Den mountain cultural and historical relic complex, in Thanh Tan commune, approximately 10 km northeast of Tay Ninh city and 100 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City.

Ba Den Mountain scenic complex has an area of ​​about 24 km2, including 3 mountains: Heo, Phung, and Ba Den mountain. With a height of 986m, Ba Den the highest mountain in the Southeast. The road to Ba Den mountain is divided into two parts: from the foot of the mountain to Ba Den pagoda and from the pagoda to the top of the mountain. The only way to reach the peak from the temple is by climbing up. But from the foot of the mountain to the pagoda, there are 3 ways:

  • Cable car: with 1,200m long and this is the fastest way to reach the top.
  • Trekking: a good way to experience the feeling of conquering the mountain with your own strength. However, the road to the mountain is quite steep, so you need to pay attention to careful preparation and climb the mountain carefully.
  • Go by the sliding system includes two lines going upward and downward.

What you can do in Ba Den Mountain?

1. Visit the temples at the mountain and grottoes

From the foot of the mountain to the top, there are many pagodas and grottoes such as Phat, Hang, Ha, Trung, Van Son pagoda and Kim Quang, Kim Son, Thanh Long, Dai Dong, Thien Thai Grotto. In addition, one should not forget Ba Den pagoda which also has another name is Linh Tien Son Thach. There’s a large Reclining Buddha, and many pleasant paths to explore. 

The Ba Den Mountain Spring Festival 15 – 18th of the 1st lunar month is a traditional event that attracts millions of Vietnamese people to pray, sightsee, and enjoy the entertainment. It’s also a good time to visit this area as the weather is still nice and the vegetation is in blossom. 

2. Camp on Ba Den mountain

After completing the tiring trekking, camping at the top of Ba Den Mountain is one of the best experiences. Waiting for dawn, or watching the floating clouds in the middle of the sky, brings great emotions as a reward after a long trip. Many young people chose to stay overnight to welcome the new day and watch the beautiful sunrise when they coming here.

Furthermore, Ba Den mountain is the location of three preservation parks that serve as outdoor museums that display relics and photographs depicting the life and activities of the Vietnamese Liberation Forces during the American war.

Some notes before taking your trip:

If you travel to Ba Den mountain by cable car, you may not care about this issue. However, if you want to conquer the roof of the Southeast by yourself with your own strength, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Before conquering Ba Den mountain for about 1 to 2 weeks, you need to exercise regularly so that your body can work at the high intensity of movement, avoid muscle tension, cramps when climbing.
  • Prepare a good climbing shoes or sports shoes.
  • There are no shops on the way up the mountain, so you need to bring your drinking water and some snacks.
  • Wear comfortable, absorbing-sweat clothes.
  • Do not forget to bring essential items such as raincoats, flashlights, sleeping bags, tents, … and some necessary medicines.

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