With an age of nearly 300 years, Sac Tu Linh Thuu Pagoda in Tien Giang is the on of the oldest pagoda in the Western region. This is a pagoda associated with an anecdote about Emperor Gia Long. On your upcoming trip to Tien Giang, if you want to find some peace after the busy days, don’t forget to visit this ancient pagoda.

General information about Sac Tu Linh Thuu Pagoda

Tien Giang is truly one of the famous places for spiritual tourism and attracts the love of many people. The Sac Tu Linh Thu Pagoda is an ancient pagoda in the Mekong Delta river region, also know as Long Tuyen Pagoda which has been exiting for nearlly 300 years. This ancient pagoda is associated with anecdotes about Emperor Gia Long in previous centuries when the Venerable Abbot of the pagoda, Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Chanh, helped the young king treat his illness and helped him avoid pursuing enemy troops in a big bell.

Long Tuyen Pagoda

From Ho Chi Minh city, it takes less than 1 and a half hour of driving to get here. However, private car to Tien Giang would be a best option when you traveling with a group. 

 Traditional architecture of the 300-year-old pagoda

After nearly 300 years of construction, restoration and maintenance, until today, Sac Tu Linh Thuu Pagoda in Tien Giang still retains all its artistic values with an architectural style imbued with traditional imprints and a solemn space, ancient.
The three-entrance gate of the pagoda is one of the most prominent works with solidly built, carved with bas-relief lines and embossed patterns in the royal style of the past. The most typical are the skillfully carved images of dragons and phoenixes, showing flexibility but not losing their inherent power.

Sac Tu Linh Thuu Pagoda

Entrance gate

Meanwhile, the pagoda grounds are a place to worship Bodhisattvas and Buddhas. There is also a blessing column built in the image of the the Four Sacred Animals and a stone stele recording the history of the pagoda and its previous abbots. In addition, inside the campus, there is also a stone statue with delicately carved lines telling about the life of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Sac Tu Linh Thuu Pagoda

The main hall is built from 48 pillars carved entirely from precious wood and are more than 200 years old. The most prominent highlight of the main hall of the pagoda is an ancient Buddha statues along with elaborately sculpted horizontal panels, parallel sentences.

Sac Tu Linh Thu Pagoda

In addition, currently on the left side of the altar of Linh Thuu Pagoda is still the Dai Hong Chung (big bell) that saved Emperor Gia Long’s life years ago. In front of the Buddha altar are two parallel sentences recalling the decision of Emperor to determine the name of the pagoda and the time Emperor Thieu Tri approved giving the pagoda the name Sac Tu Linh Thuu as it is today.

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