After hard working days, if you’re looking for a trip to Can Tho and need a new experience of Western life, Son islet is an ideal destination for you. The wild beauty of Son isle is compared like the jewel inside the town. It has created a new identity for tourism. Endowed with luxuriant fruit trees, plentiful fish and shrimps, coming here you not only immerse with nature but also learn about the simple life of the people of the Mekong Delta.

How to get to Son Islet in Can Tho?

Son islet (Vietnamese: cồn Sơn, cồn means islet) is a floating land in the middle of the Hau River in Binh Thuy District. From the city center, you go in the direction of Highway 91 to Co Bac wharf, then take the boat to Sơn islet, only 5-10 minutes of sailing or rent a boat at Ninh Kieu wharf to get here.

Son islet in Can tho

The local boat has about 10-15 seats, the ticket costs 10,000 VND/ time / person. Also, it is the best not to travel by motorbike in here as all the roads are quite narrow. Therefore, you should park your bike before coming to Sơn islet.

Things to do in Son islet

From a distance, Sơn islet seems wild when four sides are immense on rivers. What is more wonderful than watching a peaceful scene and a time of rest between the cool and quiet space of Can Tho countryside. Also, below is a list of some other things you can do in this islet.

Son islet in Can tho

Wandering fruit gardens and enjoy fresh fruits: there are many orchards of mango, guava, mangosteen, rambutan, plum, durian, jackfruit, longan, oranges, … It seems that 50% of the local families have fruit gardens. Depending on the rules of each owners, the price to visit their fruit garden is usually from: 10,000 – 20,000 VND or sometime, they allow you to pick and eat freely.Son islet in Can tho

Jumping snakehead: is a great performance at Tín Hòa garden. The snakeheads can jump over a 40-cm high to bite the foods of the owner. Of course, snakeheads will stop jumping up the water when they are full but only the owner can feed and control these groups. Price: 50,000 VND / ticket (include watching jumping snakehead show, canoe, eat guava and enjoy lotus tea).

Jumping snakehead in Son Islet

Learn and enjoy traditional cakes: there are some long-standing folk bakers who are willing to convey all the procedure of making a traditional cake, from preparing raw materials, kneading dough then making delicious cakes by your own hand such as baked honeycomb cake, rice dumpling cake, steamed banana cake, quite sweet and not so salted, bloating Fern-shaped cake… this is an amazing opportunities to practice and savor your hand-made cakes.

Son islet in Can tho

Raft floating fish farm: many households living here raise only fish such as shark catfishes, basa fish, Koi…To visit their farm, you need to find a guide before coming. Sitting on the boat to watch the water-splashing from shoaling of fish or experiencing the cool breeze from the river would be a wonderful moment.

Son islet in Can tho

Enjoy local cuisine: there is much more than that with rustic garden dishes. You will immediately enjoy the countryside dishes such as: grilled snakehead fish, snakehead fish sour soup, salted fish hotpot. Besides, you also have opportunities to enjoy different kinds of dishes such as braised small fish, steamed chicken with Vietnamese mint, fried tiny shrimps with water hyacinth, giant gourami covered with lotus leaf and so on.


Lotus pond and monkey bridge: sitting in front of a lotus pond and enjoying the lovely flowers could lead you to a peace of mind. Another unique thing in the South of Vietnam is the “monkey bridge”. Simply made from bamboo, woods or any natural material, the “monkey bridge” plays an indispensable role in the history of the Mekong Delta region, where river system covers every miles of the area. The name “monkey bridge” refers to the skill and balance ability that one needs to cross the bridge. Consequently, there are plenty of stories and culture lies behind this special kind of bridge.

Another special thing in here is visiting the stork garden, witness hundreds of white storks, black storks flying in groups in early morning or afternoon.

Son islet in Can Tho does impress to visitor by the harmony between the nature and the daily activities of local people.Tthey extremely focus on preserving the cultural features, characteristics in daily routine and the wilderness of nature. Therefore, the local people are developing the community-oriented tourism with the support from the local government.