Dong Thap is a famous place with the lotus – the national flower of Vietnam. Coming to this province, visitors not only have the opportunity to admire the beauty of vast rice fields, and fragrant lotus lakes but also enjoy countless delicious dishes of the Mekong Delta. This region is the ideal place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the peaceful scenery with rustic rural life. And here are some of the best places to visit when you come to Dong Thap:

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Why should you rent a car to travel to Dong Thap?

  • Convenient and flexible: Renting a car will bring you convenience and flexibility in travelling. You can freely customize your itinerary, stop anywhere and visit the tourist destinations you want, without being limited by public bus routes or high taxi costs.
  • Cost savings: Renting a tourist car in Dong Thap will help you save costs compared to renting a taxi or using the shuttle service of travel companies. If you travel with a group of people, the cost of renting a car will be divided equally and is much cheaper than if each person has to pay for different services.
  • Safe and comfortable: When renting a Dong Thap tourist car, you will be fully equipped with safety equipment such as airbags, ABS brakes and other features to ensure safety when travelling. Additionally, you will also get comfort and privacy during your trip.
  • Professional support team: available 24 hours/7 hours, reply to your message/call/email at the soonest.

How much does it cost for a private car from Ho Chi Minh to Dong Thap?

Located around 150 km from Ho Chi Minh city centre, it takes more than 2 and a half hours of driving to get here.

Routine Time 7 seats 16 seats 29 seats 35 seats 45 seats
HCM – Dong Thap 1 day 115 135 180 210 280

A sample of the booking fee for a car/bus for 1 way is quoted in $USD.


the beauty of nature in Dong Thap (source: collected)

Which car/bus suits your trip to Dong Thap from Ho Chi Minh?

Viet Dream Travel is a car rental agency, providing new and comfortable models of cars/buses with well-trained drivers. Below are some of our advice that you should consider before booking.

  • 7 seater car (maximum 3 guests, 3 medium-sized luggage or maximum 5 guests without luggage)
  • 16-seater bus (maximum 8 guests, 8 medium-sized luggage or maximum 12 guests without luggage)
  • 29-seater bus (maximum 15 guests, 15 medium-sized luggage or maximum 25 guests without luggage)
  • 33-seater bus (maximum 20 guests, 20 medium-sized luggage or maximum 33 guests without luggage)
  • 45-seater bus (maximum 30 guests, 30 medium-sized luggage or maximum 40 guests without luggage)

Tips when renting a car to travel in Dong Thap

  • Pay attention to car rental conditions: Before signing a car rental contract, you need to carefully read the terms and conditions of the supplier. Make sure you understand vehicle maintenance, responsibilities in the event of a breakdown, and other regulations to avoid any problems.
  • Make an appointment in advance: Booking a car rental at least 1 week in advance will save you a lot of time and money. If you book a car for the day or weekend, the rental price will be higher and it will be difficult to have a car available to rent. Also, during the Vietnam Public Holidays and weekends, an extra service fee will be added 10 – 20% per booking.
  • Choose the appropriate vehicle type
  • Choosing the right vehicle will help you save money and be more convenient in moving. Calculate the number of people, furniture and travel distance to get the most suitable vehicle.

How To Book a Private Transfer to Dong Thap?

  • Confirm departure time, date, pick up & drop off address, stops on the way (if any), the phone number.
  • Select a way to make a deposit or full payment for your booking via cash, credit card, or bank transfer…
  • A driver comes to pick you up on time, starts the journey & follows and is supported by staff from our office.

Any questions about a private car to Dong Thap and transport reservation, please contact us via phone number: (+84) 028 38388322 – Hotline: (+84) 0918 709 338 – (+84) 0899 789 338 or email:

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