Tram Chim National Park (Vietnamese: vườn quốc gia Tràm Chim) is a wetland site designated to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. This is not only favored destination of tourist but also scientists come to this park to observe the birds, to investigate the environment, and do their scientific research.   

What is the special of Tram Chim national park?

The Park is in the lowest area of the Mekong Delta River waterlogged plain submerged and in the center of Plain of Reeds. The vegetation of Tram Chim has been dominated by 130 high-class plant species most notably lotus, wild rice, tube grass, and other grass-like species. It’s also a home of 200 wetland birds and 150 species of freshwater fish, accounting for about ¼ of all bird species found in Vietnam. Many of them are rare birds such as white-winged duck, grey-headed lapwing, lesser adjutant… and especially the sarus crane – a species listed on the IUCN Red List.

Tràm Chim National Park

The fish provide an important role in balancing ecosystems and providing food sources for the local population. They include a few Vietnam Red Book species such as clown featherback, hampala barb, giant barb, and smallscale mud carp. These invaluable natural properties have lured the study of many scientists and also the curiosity of travelers at all ages.

The best time to visit the park

Like other ecotourism destinations in Dong Thap, a trip to Tram Chim will not depend too much on the climate, so you can come here at any time. However, the water-rising season (from September to December) is the most attractive time. During this season, the whole landscape is covered in greenery, blooming flowers.

Tram Chim national park

It is also ​the breeding time of many birds species. If you can come here early enough, you might see clusters of birds on top of the trees, preening their feathers before they scatter in search of food. Sometimes you may encounter just a few white storks in the trees. Sometimes, a flock of hundreds of mallards may spread their wings in the sunset. But if you want to witness the sarus crane, you need to come on dry season (from January to June).

What to do in Tram Chim national park?

There are plenty of exciting activities reflecting the daily life of Westside farmers hosted at Tram Chim national park.

Take a boat to do sightseeing

Many interesting sceneries await travelers on a boat trip. Sitting on a wooden boat, with or without a guide, to cross through the zig-zag system of canals is the top favorite experience set up by the park.

boating in Tram Chim

In a tranquil atmosphere, you can admire the elegance of colorful lotus petals, enjoy the gentle breeze, and incredible peace.

Join with local activities

There are a number of recreational activities for tourists with the locals to enjoy the submerged land such as fishing, casting net, harvesting wild rice, hunting vole – the land’s specialty.

slapping ditches to catch fish
After catching, some of them will be delivered to the processing area where they are served right after that.

Try some typical cuisine

After being filled full with beautiful nature, it is best to settle down and enjoy some delicious specialties. The simple and countryside-inspired dishes such as grilled fish, lotus stewed fish, pepper steamed snails crab hotpot, crispy fried fish, fish sauce hot pot, and snakehead fish salad.

Linh fish hotpot

Linh fish hotpot – one of the famous dish

You will be amazed by the cuisine of this region, which is very famous in the Mekong Delta.

How to get here?

There are many ways for you to reach this tourist area. By bus, you need to by a ticket at the Western bus station in Hochiminh to Cao Lanh City. Then continue sitting on Thanh Binh route to stop by Tram Chim. ​Some of the popular buses to Cao Lanh in Dong Thap such as: Futa bus, Thanh Buoi,…

private car to Tram Chim

Model of 7 steater-car to Tram Chim

If you travel with a big group or with your family members, a private car to Dong Thap is the best way to explore Tram Chim and other tourist areas along the way.

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