Vinh Long is a famous land with many fertile islands, large eco-tourism areas and vast fruit gardens. Furthermore, this is also the land associated with pagodas with outstanding and impressive architectural works such as: Phu Ly Pagoda, Van Thanh Temple, That Phu templeTien Chau Pagoda, Long Thanh Communal House. .. Among them, Phu Ly Pagoda possesses unique Khmer architecture, always attracting a large number of tourists to visit and worship and is one of the spiritual tourist destinations with peaceful and impressive scenery.

General information about Phu Ly Pagoda

Phu Ly Pagoda is located in Dong Thanh commune, Binh Minh town, Vinh Long Province. Although located deep in Phu Ly hamlet, Phu Ly Pagoda is a spiritual place that attracts many Buddhists and tourists from Mekong Delta come to visit and worship every year. And from Ho Chi Minh city, it takes around 3 hours of driving to get here, therefore, renting a private car with a driver would be the best option to visit the pagoda, especially when you traveling with a group.

Phu Ly Pagoda

Phu Ly Pagoda was built in 1672, on an area of more than 2 hectares. According to Venerable Son Thang, deputy abbot of the pagoda, in the past this place was very wild, there were many tigers, snakes and other wild animals, people who went to the pagoda had to go in large groups, carrying weapons to protect and against animals. After that, the abbots set up a group to chase away the beasts for three days and three nights until the beasts were gone. Through historical changes, the pagoda was rebuilt to become as majestic as it is today.

Unique architecture of the pagoda

Phu Ly Pagoda is one of the pagodas built according to the style of India associated with the culture of the Southern Khmer people. Surrounding the pagoda are giant and hundred-year-old ancient tree, creates a solemn and extremely charming area that make you completely feel cool and peaceful when come to visit.

Phu Ly Pagoda

Entrance way (source: collected)

At Phu Ly Pagoda, the most prominent and important is the main hall. The main hall symbolizes Mount Meru – a sacred mountain and the place where gods come to practice Brahmanical doctrine. Surrounding the main hall are towers, symbolizing small mountains surround the sacred the Mount Meru.

Phu Ly Pagoda

Main Hall (source: collected)

On the roof of the main hall there is a tower. Around the tower, artisans decorated and embossed many dragon images with their heads raised facing both sides. The dragon’s body is decorated like boats racing among the vast waves. The dragon’s tail curves and reaches up to the blue sky. Under the roof of the main hall, there are many images of the goddess Kay No with a pretty, gentle face, wings spread wide, legs standing straight, chest thrust forward, arms raised high to support the fringe of the roof, serves as the connection point between the rows of columns and the roof of the main hall, creating flexibility and lightness in the architectural art of the Khmer people.

Visiting Phu Ly Pagoda, Buddhists and tourists also notice that the image of Krut – a half bird goddecoration at the top of the four corner columns of the main hall, supporting the main hall’s roof. In addition, there are hundreds of images of Krut embossed and decorated on the walls along the foot of the main hall.

Phu Ly Pagoda

Entering the main hall, we will see a large statue of Shakyamuni Buddha sitting on a lotus throne in the posture of preaching, worshiped right in the center of the main hall. The frescoes are decorated on the ceiling, doors, columns, porches… with many motifs of dragons, snakes, flowers, leaves, and birds telling the stories of Shakyamuni Buddha from the time he was born and grew up until entering Nirvana and becoming Buddha.

Phu Ly Pagoda
The highlight of the architectural art of Phu Ly Pagoda is also shown through the system of flagpole complexes. It is called a complex because the flagpole was built in the middle of the pagoda grounds on a large yard, surrounded by many statues of lions, goddesses, dragons, and Naga snakes with the main color yellow. This architectural complex is built on 3 layers of steps. The bottom have the largest area with 8 lion statues placed in 4 directions.

Every year, at Phu Ly Pagoda, many traditional cultural festivals of the Khmer people take place such as: Chol Chnam Thmay Festival, Sel Dolta Ceremony, Ok Om Bok Ceremony, Katina Clothing Offering Ceremony…

Useful information about Phu Ly Pagoda

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