When it comes to Vũng Tàu, many people immediately think of familiar landmarks such as Front Beach, Back Beach, Thùy Vân Beach, etc., but forget the province also has a dreamlike place called Long Hải Beach. With a distance not too far from the city, the beach has been chosing by many people for holidays or weekends.

What is the speciality of Long Hải Beach?

Located in the southeast region, Long Hải always has a cool climate all year round. However, October and November are the most suitable time because you can both swim and relax while watching the cherry orchards in full bloom. The beach is a favourite for many people who find it quieter than those in Vũng Tàu. This beach is wild and calm and also offering many activities such as swimming, surfing, boating, hiking, mountain climbing and camping.
Along the beach there are many restaurants, eateries with fresh seafood which provided from the local fishing village.

How to get here?

Long Hải beach is 120km south of Ho Chi Minh city, and there are many ways to get here. If you want to take a tourist bus, you have to come to the Estern Bus station in Ho Chi Minh city. The ticket fare cost around 100.000 VND/ticket. However, if you’re traveling with a big group or with your family members, a car/bus rentel service with a driver is the best way to get there as the driver can come and pick you up from your place.