Duc Thanh School (Vietnamese: trường Dục Thanh, trường means school) was built in 1908, during the Duy Tan movement, an anti-French and pro-independence society in Vietnam, of Phan Chu Trinh to expand people’s knowledge. This is a private school with the most progressive teaching content in Binh Thuan at that time, founded by Nguyen Quy Anh and Nguyen Trong Loi (son of patriot Nguyen Thong). The school teaches Vietnamese alphabet, besides it also teaches Chinese characters and French characters. The school also spreads the spirit of patriotism to the young generation and have become the famous tourist attraction in Binh Thuan.

Duc Thanh School – Important historical and cultural relic of Vietnam

Duc Thanh School is considered a relic with rich cultural and historical value of Vietnam. This monument was created with the purpose of responding to the Duy Tan movement of patriotic scholars such as Phan Chu Trinh, Huynh Thuc Khang and Tran Quy Cap.

Duc Thanh School

The entrance of Duc Thanh School

Duc Thanh School is also the place where the youth imprint of Vietnamese nation’s leader – Uncle Ho with the name Nguyen Tat Thanh was reprinted. In September 1910, Nguyen Tat Thanh (later President Ho Chi Minh) had decided to get a job here. At the age of 20, he was the youngest teacher at the school. He taught Vietnamese alphabet, Chinese characters and also physical exercises. However, in February 1911, he left Duc Thanh School and continued to pursue his passion.

Duc Thanh School

It can be said that Duc Thanh School is associated with one of the important milestones in Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary life, when he began to be exposed to the patriotic and revolutionary ideas of contemporary patriotic scholars. 

Architecture of Duc Thanh School

Duc Thanh School attracts tourists with its ancient appearance, mossy nestled in meticulously manicured green trees. Although it has existed for more than 100 years with many historical events, the architecture of Duc Thanh School is still preserved intact as in the beginning.

Duc Thanh School

Visitors to Duc Thanh School will enjoy all the beauty of this place and clearly feel the atmosphere that the ancients experienced. When coming to Duc Thanh Truong relic site, visitors will not be able to miss the following architectural areas:

Main classroom area

The main classroom area is the largest building at the Duc Thanh School relic site. This architecture has a bold Asian style with bright red tiled roofs and pillars made of polished ironwood. The main classroom area has gone through hundreds of years of history, witnessed many ups and downs, but still stands firmly there, giving visitors a feeling of familiarity, closeness and peace of mind.

Duc Thanh School

inside the class room

The classroom area is divided into 3 spaces, of which 2 spaces are used as classrooms and 1 upstairs space. Like many other traditional classrooms, there is a a blackboard above and rows of student desks and chairs below. An interesting architectural feature in the classroom area is the walls designed into a honeycomb shape. This design allows natural light to enter the classroom more easily, making the teaching and learning process more convenient.

Duc Thanh School - the classroom

Ngoa Du Sao

Another architecture at Duc Thanh School that tourists cannot miss is Ngoa Du Sao. This is considered a building used to receive guests and discuss political affairs of patriotic scholars at that time.

Ngoa Sao Du in Duc Thanh School

Ngoa Du Sao is not too big but the architecture is meticulous and meticulous in every detail.

Fisherman’s house

The fisherman’s house was built next to the main building in 1906. This is the place used to store fishing nets and some fish sauce making tools of Mr. Nguyen Thong’s family. It was not until Duc Thanh School was established in 1907 that Ngu House was requisitioned into a boarding house for teachers and students in remote provinces. And this is also the place where Uncle Ho stayed while teaching at Duc Thanh School.

Garden, star fruit tree and water well

The lush green garden, laden with fruit, is a scenic feature that visitors cannot miss when coming to Duc Thanh School. In this garden, there are many trees which have more than a hundred years old; were planted and cared for by young teacher Nguyen Tat Thanh.

Duc Thanh School

Especially, the star fruit tree at Duc Thanh School was planted more than a century ago by Mr. Nguyen Thong’s wife. While teaching at Duc Thanh School, Uncle Ho often used well water for daily life and to water the plants in the garden. The star fruit tree has been caring since 1910 and still bears fruit all year round to this day.

star fruit tree in Duc Thanh School

This star fruit tree is now called by the local people in Phan Thiet by an extremely endearing name – “Uncle Ho” star fruit tree.

Duc Thanh School - a well

The old well have been exiting for more than 100 years.

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