Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary is home to 500,000 storks and different types of birds in Ben Tre. Not too far from Ho Chi Minh city, this is a favorite destination for those who love animals especially birds. So don’t forget to visit this sanctuary whenever you have a chance to visit Mekong Delta.

What is the special of Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary?

Located along the banks of Ba Lai River, Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary is an attractive eco-tourism site formed in May 1986, due to the migration of birds. It covers over 40 ha of nipa, dates palms… that are ideal for birds to live, especially storks and night herons. The local people planted over 7 ha of mangroves. They dug canals to take water from Ba Lai River to Vam Ho and divided the sanctuary into five parts. They also built an anti-forest fire dame around the sanctuary to protect birds.

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

According to many experts, there are 120 different bird species with nearly half a million inhabitants including storks, night herons, great cormorants, grey herons, white-faced ibis, lesser whistling ducks…and many kinds of wild animals such as pythons, snakes, squirrels, foxes, bats, lizards …

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

Vam Ho is a mangrove area, with an average height of 1.25 meters above sea level. Vam Ho’s vegetation include nipa palms, dates, mangrove trees… which are ideal for resident birds, build nests and reproduce.

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

Inside the bird sanctuary is a system of canals crisscrossed like a spider web, so there are a lot of shrimp and fish, mainly goby fish, crabs, crayfish… which are a rich source of food for the birds and storks here.

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

Coming here, visitors will have a chance to walk through the forest or sit back on the boat and appreciate the beauty of nature. The most interesting thing is in the afternoon, when the sun is about to set, visitors will hear the interesting “symphony” of thousands of birds of all kinds flying from all over, chirping together after a day of flying to search for food in all direction and the sound of the herd preparing to flap its wings to search for food at night.

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

To serve the growing number of tourists, the local government has developed a farm area next to the bird sanctuary, growing a variety of tropical fruits. This ideal allows visitors to understand more about the agricultural life of the people of the Mekong Delta region, as well as experience the unique cultural features of the local cuisine here. There are some folk games that you should try such as crossing the monkey bridge, crossing the lake by a rope, riding cyclo…promissing refresh yourself on a Vietnam holiday trip.

What is the best time to visit Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary?

Every year from April to October (lunar months) is the best time of year to visit the sanctuary. During this time, many birds species are coming here to breed and raise their young.

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

And in the early morning and late afternoon are the most active times for bird watching. At sunrise, there are thousands of birds flying away to find food, and returning to their nests when sunset.

How to reach the sanctuary?

From Ho Chi Minh city, you need to buy a ticket to Ben Tre from the Western Bus Station. After arriving Ben Tre city, you have to rent a motorbike or taxi to Vam Ho which takes around 1 hour of driving.

Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary

A model of private car to Vam Ho

Another way is booking a private car to Vam Ho to visit the sanctuary so you can combine to visit Vam Ho Bird Sanctuary with other destinations along the way.

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