Tra Vinh is a coastal area in the Mekong Delta. Tra Vinh province is not too large, but it is a place imbued with the traditional cultures of many ethnic groups, including the Khmer people, with ancient temples with typical architecture along with green islands all year round, especially attractive eco-tourism areas. Besides Chim Islet tourist area, Ho and Ba Dong beach, Long Tri islet also promises to be an ideal stopover in Tra Vinh whenever you have a chance to visit the region. Join with Vietdream to discover interesting things in this windy islet.

General information Long Tri islet

Most of the islets in the Mekong Delta River have names given by local people based on their shape, local products or legends associated with the islets in the middle of the river. For example, the 4 islets Long – Lan – Quy – Phung (the Four Spirits: Dragon – Qilin – Tortoise – Phoenix islet) in the middle of the Tien River in Ben Tre province or Ong Ho (Tiger islet) islet in An Giang.

rowing boat

Long Tri islet is also the same, this tourist spot in Tra Vinh tourism is also known as Bang islet (local name) because there are many terminalia catappa have been growing on the region. After 1975, it was changed to official name – Long Tri.

The islet has brackish water, which means that half the year the islet will have fresh water and the remaining half the year will be inundated with sea water. There are also many cork trees and nipa palms here, so they attract birds, storks… to live and nest.

In order reach to Long Tri islet, visitors need to travel through two routes. From Tra Vinh city center, you need to come to a ferry station at Vinh Yen hamlet and then board on a boat to Long Tri islet.

If you traveling from Ho Chi Minh City, the best way is renting a private car with driver to Tra Vinh, then rent a boat to reach this region. For sure, you will be received unforgettable experience when cruising along the riverside.

private car to Tra Vinh

What to do in Long Tri islet?

As soon as when checking in to the Islet, you can freely immerse yourself in the peaceful natural scenery, comfortably enjoying the fresh air in the river village. Of course, the best way to explore the islet is renting a sampan to explore the canals rowed by a local, at this time the chaos of daily life seems as if dispelled.

rowing boat in Mekong delta
Depending on the season, you can enjoy fragrant flowers and sweet fruits in the island’s gardens such as longan, plum, mango, and grapefruit. This is an area specializing in fruit cultivation, so it is no less attractive than Cai Mon fruit garden in Ben Tre or Cai Be garden in Tien Giang.

orchards in Mekong delta

After stopping to eat fruit, you will continue to walk along both banks of the canal, visiting the beautiful river scenery on a boat moving along each canal, going through the lush orchards, under the cool green garden, look at the beautiful plump fruit clusters…

orchards in Mekong delta
The most attractive thing is probably fishing. However, some other activities for you to participate such as, experience crossing monkey bridge, cycling around the village….

cycling trip in Mekong delta

When you are tired from the journey to explore Long Tri islet, the rustic dishes at the local will keep you here. Specialties here include grilled snakehead fish, fish sauce hotpot, sour hotpot cooked with cork fruit, braised perch and so on. While enjoying the cuisine, visitors can feel the soul of the countryside through amateur folk songs.

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