Cu Chi Tunnels is a famous tourist destination, attracting many international and domestic tourists to visit, study history, participate and experience in activities that help them gain a sense of understanding more deeply about the tough life of a Vietnamese soldiers during the war with the US. In order to keep memories of this heroic land, the best way is buying and keeping a gift as souvenir. Therefore, we would like to share some souvenirs for Cu Chi tunnels trip in this article.

Souvenirs made of bullet shells

Souvenirs For Cu Chi Tunnels TripSouvenirs at Cu Chi Tunnels

These products are made from used bullets at the shooting range. The bullet shells of all sizes through the hands of artisans turn into familiar souvenirs such as oil lamps, lighters, keychains… with prices ranging from a 50,000VND to over 100,000 VND/item. Cu Chi tourists are very interested in these simple but meaningful souvenirs.

Vietnamese checkered scarf

This checkered scarf is traditional wear in the region of Mekong Delta in Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, the distinctive checkered scarf was donned by Vietnamese soldiers to identify themselves. The Vietnamese checkered scarf also were widely used by farmers in their working and daily lives. 

Souvenirs at Cu Chi Tunnels

The scarfs has the advantage of being durable, highly absorbent, and quick to dry, suitable for the hot climate of the South. Besides the aesthetic beauty, the scarf also has many utilities and common uses such as: wearing it on the head to block the sun, cover the dew, wrap it across the forehead to absorb sweat when working, pack a few personal items, bandage wounds, or become an encouragement gift to lovers.

At Cu Chi tunnels, the Vietnamese checkered scarf is one of the most favorite souvenirs, at affordable price and styles; colors compare with the original was only black and white.  

Vietnamese loose-fitting blouse (áo bà ba)

Almost the same as the checkered scarf, the loose-fitting blouse is the traditional costume of the people of South Vietnam.
It was originally a collarless shirt. The back body of the shirt is sewn with a piece of raw fabric, the front body consists of two pieces, in the middle there are two buttons running from the top down. 

Souvenirs at Cu Chi Tunnels

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The shirt is tight at the waist, with moderate slits on both sides. The length of the shirt only covers the buttocks, almost hugging the body. Compared to traditional costumes with other countries, perhaps the Vietnamese loose-fitting blouse is the simplest outfit. And at the Cu Chi tunnels, many type of these clothes are sold according to the traditional sewing style and displaying the solidarity of the local people and soldiers here. 

Moreover, they are also very suitable for the weather for people living in the river delta, in general, and in the tunnels in particular, especially in the dry season with a humid and hot climate.


Souvenirs at Cu Chi Tunnels

There are many types of hats sold in Cu Chi, including: palm-leaf conical hat, bucket hat, sun-helmet… These items are very elaborately sewn. They also helps to recreate the image of the life of the people and soldiers in this land. And the reason these hats favored by many tourists is because they are cool to wear and very affordable.

Tire Sandals (dép cao su)

Rubber sandals or tire sandals, made from discarded tires, are a familiar item associated with the image of Uncle Ho’s army during the two resistance wars against the French and the Americans.
To make tire sandals, a part of a car tire is cut out as the base (usually the middle part), the outer side of the tire facing down. The strap of the tire sandals is cut from old car tubes, the length varies to suit each foot size.

Souvenirs at Cu Chi Tunnels

It quite easy to manufacture, light and smooth walking, very convenient wading in water and mud, can protect feet even when stepping on shards of glass, barbed wire.

Therefore, the tire sandals have become the companion of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese soldiers during the war. Until now, they’re still a “very good friend” for travelers, especially for a trekking trip, walking or hiking trip.

So they would be a meaningful gift for their daily exercise as well. 

We have shared some souvenirs for Cu Chi Tunnels trip. We’re also running daily tour, package tour or private car from Ho Chi minh to Cu Chi tunnels. You will have a chance to stop at some places for shopping Cu Chi specialties.