Ta Cu Mountain Pagoda is located in the Ta Cu Mountain tourist area complex, is one of the famous Phan Thiet tourist destinations, attracting many visitors from all over to visit and worship. The area is most famous as the site of the statue of the reclining Gautama Buddha and panoramic views of the farms below the mountain. Therefore, exploring the Ta Cu mountain has become ​a worthy thing to do in Binh Thuan.

General information of Ta Cu Mountain

Ta Cu Mountain is considered a symbol of Binh Thuan. The name “Ta Cu” (Vietnamese: Tà Cú) originates from the Cham language, “Tà” means mountain, “Cú” means old. This name may come from the fact that this mountain is very ancient, having formed millions of years ago.

With an altitude of 649 meters above sea level, Ta Cu Mountain lies peacefully between green fields and the vast sea. From the top of the mountain, visitors can look over the green hillsides or the vast ocean, all creating a majestic and beautiful natural picture.

Ta Cu Mountain has more than 1,000 steps with a height of up to 649m. Visitors can choose one of the following two ways to get to Ta Cu mountain:

Climbing: Visitors will have to walk about 1,000 meters to reach the top of Ta Cu mountain. This is the right choice for those who love challenges and experiences. On the way to the top of the mountain, visitors will admire the wild beauty of Ta Cu mountains and forests. Ancient trees and rare animals will make you feel like you are lost in another world.

Take the cable car: It only takes less than 15 minutes for visitors to reach the top of the mountain. When traveling by cable car, visitors will be immersed in the natural scenery of the beautiful green forest at Ta Cu from above.

From here, visitors can zoom out into the distance and take in the full view of the mountain.

About Ta Cu Pagoda

In 1872, after being ordained, monk Huu Duc retreated in a rock cave on Ta Cu mountain (currently known as Hang To). The Linh Son Truong Tho was the name given by King Tu Duc in 1880 when the monk cured Tu Du’s illness – the mother of the King.

Linh Son Truong Tho in Ta Cu Mount

Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda

When the monk Huu Duc passed away in 1887, monk Tam Hien built a new pagoda at the foot of the mountain, later named Long Doan Pagoda or Lower Pagoda and Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda named Uper Pagoda.

Long Doan Pagoda in Ta Cu Mount

Long Doan Pagoda

In 1963, a Buddhist follower named Truong Dinh Tri began construction of the 49 meter-long, seven meter-high reclining Buddha, located near Hang To. It took almost 3 years to complete the project and has become a favorite hotspot for tourists. There is also a group of Amitabha Buddha, the Guanyin and Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva statues displayed just around 50 meters from the statue of Nirvana.

reclining Buddha in Ta Cu Mountain

Ta Cu mountain is not only an alluring tourist sight but also a National Nature Reserve due to its diversifying flora and fauna. Many rare species which is listed in the Red Book have found in this area. Furthermore, the mountain has long been famous for its precious medicinal plants which attract many scientists and researchers come to visit and study.

Indeed, mount Ta Cu Pagoda is one of the must-visit destinations when it comes to Phan Thiet tourism. Now is the time to depart and experience. Wish you have a great trip!

Useful information about Ta Cu Mountain Pagoda