Long An is not only famous for water tourism sites, it also has many long-standing historical sites. The most famous one is a Hundred columns house, depicting the quintessence of carving technique and harmony in design, classified as a National Historic-Cultural Relic.

How an Hundred Columns House is unique?

The owner of the house was Mr. Trần Văn Hoa. It’s 21m wide, 42m long, built by in 1898 and completed in 1903. The architecture and sculture of the house were relized by 15 clever and skillful northen workers. Called the Hundred columns house, but the actual number is 120 columns, including 68 round columns, 52 square columns. The house was built mainly with precious woods such as rosewood, ebony…
Valuable items in the house are hundreds of years old, most of them are made of precious wood as well. In particular, the most valuable is the set of wood couch in the main room for daily tea reception.

The Hundred columns house is divided into 2 parts. The first part is the place that use to welcome guests, another part is the place to stay and the family’s activities. From the columns to the furniture, such as tables and chairs, altars, beds, cabinets… are all meticulously carved with classic themes such as the ” Four Spirits (Dragon – Unicorn – Phoenix)”, the ” Four Elements (yellow Mai – orchid – chrysanthemum – bamboo)”…

According to researchers, this is a house with the style of the Nguyễn Dynasty, in general bearing a clear mark of Huế style. But because it was made according to the orders of the owner in the Southern context of the French colonial period, there were many small features in the decoration topic, creating richness and diversity. It is also a part of the history – culture of the Mekong Delta at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Hundred columns house