Xeo Quyt Relic Area (Vietnamese: khu di tích Xẻo Quýt) is an eco-tourism site located in Cao Lanh district, Dong Thap province. This is not only a favored destination by tourists but also scientists come to this relic to study, to do investigate to the environment and do their scientific research.   

What is the special of Xeo Quyt Relic Area?

Located more than 30 km from Cao Lanh city, with an area of ​​50 hectares, including 20 hectares of melaleuca forest. Xeo Quyt was the revolutionary base during the war against the US from 1960 to 1975. Currently, Xeo Quyt is home to more than 170 flora species and 200 species of wild animals. Thirteen of them are rare animal species recorded in the Vietnam Red Book such as burmese python, ptyas mucosa, cuora amboinensis…

Xeo Quyt relic area
Going deep into the relic site, you will encounter images of an old war zone with A-shaped bomb shelters, Z-shaped defense work or L-shaped secret bunkers … restored on the background of ancient traces. Along with that are offices, kitchen, fish ponds, guest house, minefield still intact and hidden in forests with lots of swamps, zigzag channels, wild grass fields.

What to do in Xeo Quyt?

Sightseeing trip

Xeo Quyt relic area is located in a beautiful natural forest with cool space. To explore this site, you have to walk under the forest canopy, follow the unique path in the relic area (about 1.5 km long) or row a sampan, crossing many small creeks to enjoy a fulfilling experience.

Xeo Quyt relic area

Xeo Quyt tourist area in Dong Thap.

Activities at the relic area

Xeo Quyt Relic Area is divided into 2 parts. The first part is the conservation area of the historical and cultural values of the revolutionary base during the resistance war and the diversity of natural ecology….

Xeo Quyt relic area

However, the second part is the development area for business activities, tourism services, and picnics such as restaurants, conference halls, outdoor food courts, fishing areas and folk games (racing dinghy, catching ducks on the river, passing monkey bridge, catching fish by baskets…).

Cuisines at Xeo Quyt Relic Area

After visiting all the relics, what are supposed to be the best delicacies include grilled snakehead fish with lotus leaf, roasted vole, sour and sweet soup with eel, steamed snail with pepper, and grilled frogs… and don’t forget to sip a lotus wine or lotus seed milk while enjoying those delicacies.

food in Xeo Quyt relic area

How to get here?

This relic is located about 170 km from Saigon. There are many buses depart from Western Bus Station or the stop of Le Hong Phong street to Cao Lanh Bus Station or Sa Dec Bus Station in the city center. The bus may be from Futa Bus Line or Quoc Hoang Bus Line. The bus fare is about VND 100,000/pax. Upon arrival in Cao Lanh Bus Station or Sa Dec Bus Station, you can take a taxi or motorbike to Xeo Quyt Relic Area. 

Xeo Quyt relic area

Another way is booking a private car to Xeo Quyt with a driver. This is the best way when you’re traveling with a group or want to visit other places along the way.

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