Bùi Viện Walking Street, a nightlife tourist attraction in Ho Chi Minh city, is an ideal venue for foreign guests and young Vietnamese to come to hang out, especially on weekends and holidays. This tourist area has many exciting activities to do and lots of food to try at an affordable price.

About of Bùi Viện Street

Bùi Viện street is one of the main roads of Khu Tây Balo (backpacker area). The area consists of four streets: Đề Thám, Đỗ Quang Đẫu, Phạm Ngũ Lão, Bùi Viện, and a few small interconnected alleys.
This area is frequented by locals and tourists who flock to the area markets to buy cheap clothes, souvenirs, war memorabilia… There are also many bars, cafes, guest houses, and mini-hotels, tourist agencies serving at affordable here. And Bùi Viện is one of the most crowded ones. Not only Vietnamese, foreigners often come to Bùi Viện to sip beer bottles, chat with friends and enjoy the atmosphere of a Saigon at night.

On 20th August 2017, Bùi Viện street officially gained its title as a walking street. The street starts operating from 19:00 to 2 a.m next day on weekends, traffic will be banned, management units will set up a ban board in at the beginning of the road of Đề Thám – Bùi Viện, and Bùi Viện – Đỗ Quang Đẩu. This is the second walking street in Ho Chi Minh city, after Nguyễn Huệ walking street.

Activities in Bùi Viện

If you want to spend a night with Saigon, go to Bùi Viện walking street after 7pm when the streets light up. the atmosphere becomes bustling, crowded with tourists. Especially on the weekends, there are many different art activities right on the streets. Furthermore, you can find a lot of delicious dishes at food stalls right on the pavements.

Try local food

There is an extensive range of restaurants and food stalls in Bùi Viện Street. It will cost you around VND 100-200.000 (US$  4-8) for a decent filling meal with beverages. The options vary from Vietnamese, Indian, Italian to Chinese and Western cuisines. Besides this, there are many street vendors offering grilled chicken, pork, beef, and even seafood which are considered the most ubiquitous in Bùi Viện street.
However, the majority come here to gather with friends and enjoy a cool beer. Their stories seem to be endless that make this read earning a name of “never sleeps” in Ho Chi Minh.

Bars & pubs

A series of unique and exciting pubs & bars which desgined follow Western characteristics, stretch through the street. Some bars located in a prime position offer a panoramic breathtaking view of the area. Beside high training DJ’s teams and professional bartenders, the waiting staffs here are very friendly, enthusiastic and good at English…willing to serve international visitors.

Massage service

Visitors can find spas or salons for relaxation after a long tiring day, some of which are not quite affordable, so as for first-time tourists, it is necessary to ask about prices in advance. There are a number of types of massage offered including foot massage, back massage, full-body massage and even manicures.


Besides bustling bars and noisy pubs, Bùi Viện hosts both branded coffee chains and local specialty coffee boutiques. They are not only located on the main site but also nestled in an empty, tumultuous alley, waiting to be explored. Each spot offers you a distinct opportunity to find a secluded place to enjoy solitude, quietly listen to the soft sounds of Saigon or simply read a book.

Some notes

  • Never leave your valuable items like mobile phones, wallets, camera…unattended.
  • Ask the price before buying from vendors, especially hawkers.