With the characteristics of Mekong Delta rivers, Can Tho City always has destinations with many cultural activities and unique natural scenery that fascinate tourists.

Admire sunrise at Cai Rang floating market

To start the day, you should go to Cai Rang floating market (Cai Rang District, Can Tho City). This is the busiest floating market in the Mekong Delta and was ranked in the top 50 most interesting experiential tours in the country by Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings).

cai rang floating market

At around 3 am, Cai Rang floating market began to “open”. The sparkling lights of the traders make the entire river shimmer. Boats arrived not only from the region but also many traders from Bac Lieu, Dong Thap, Soc Trang, Ca Mau…

Coming to the floating market by sightseeing boat, everyone should take advantage of it to catch the most beautiful moment of dawn. The market started with the bustling sounds of shouting and bidding. Up and down the river, carrying goods, includes all kinds of large and small boats. Cai Rang floating market sells many things, the most abundant are “home-grown” fruits, giving customers plenty to choose from.

cai rang floating market

If you go to Cai Rang floating market, you should have an empty stomach. Because this place sells many dishes such as noodles, vermicelli with fish sauce, vermicelli with broth, broken rice, and meatloaf…; to drinks such as coffee, tea, fruit juice, and fresh coconut. Just order the dish you like, the seller will wave the oar next to your boat, quickly put the ingredients into the bowl, add hot broth and pass it to the customer.

cai rang floating market
For many tourists, Cai Rang floating market is a destination not to be missed when coming to explore Can Tho. Some people have gone several times and still aren’t bored with the crowd and bustle of life on river. They’re excitement when early in the morning, sitting on the boat, drinking a cup of coffee, eating a hot bowl of noodle soup, enjoy the floating market view. The local people also very enthusiastic, cheerful, sometimes spontaneously singing a folk music.

“Hiding from the sun” at Son Islet

Leaving Cai Rang floating market, you can go to the ideal place to hide from the sun and take a lunch break, Son Islet (Bui Huu Nghia Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho City). In Son Islet, a green islet located in the middle of the Hau River, is blessed by nature with luxuriant fruit trees.

son islet

For tourists who are familiar with the city, coming to Son Islet for the first time will be very excited when walking through shady orchards and fresh air. On the windy dike slope is a peaceful and quiet scene of rustic and simple houses.

son islet

Son islet is covered with alluvium, so the fruit trees are lush all year round. Almost every month there is at least one type of fruit such as: longan, rambutan, star apple, green strawberry. The season with the most fruit is from May to June. There’s nothing better than “hiding from the sun” in the garden while picking ripe fruit to eat on the spot to feel the richness of this land.

orchards in Mekong

It would be a mistake if you come to Son Islet without visiting the fish cage of Bay Bon where raising and preserving many precious fish species of the Mekong River such as: barb fish, oil fish, loaches… In addition to the experience of feeding fish, those who like strange feelings can also try foot massage services from unique ‘staff’ who are thousands of Koi fish.

Son islet in Can tho

‘Specialties’ of Son islet also include the performances of “fish circus” with flying snakehead fish, bottle-fed snakehead fish, and catfish cross overland. It’s surprising that when the garden owner hits the gong, the fish wave in response, swinging at the food and they simultaneously fly up to grab the bait. It’s truly so unique experience.

Son islet in Can Tho

Son islet is separate from the mainland, but you shouldn’t worry because you can have lunch here with many rustic dishes such as fish sauce hotpot, sour snakehead fish soup, and shrimp and meat Sesbania salad.

grilled snakehead fish

Grilled snakehead fish dish is always available to entertain tourists visiting Son Islet


Son islet in Can Tho

Grilled fish wrapped in lotus leaves is also a famous specialty in Son Islet

Son islet Can Tho

Fish hotpot is also a favorite dish of tourists when coming to Son Islet

Especially stop to enjoy folk cakes and experience the feeling of grinding flour yourself, making jackfruit leaf cakes, spring rolls, and sponge cakes in the local way.

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