The Vietnamese zodiac is a system of 12 animals numbered into cycles that based on the lunar calendar. Each zodiac animal represents for one year and repeats again after 12-year in cycle. A different animal has its own meaning, but it also somewhat speaks of the personality of its owner. Vietnamese believe who born in the year of an animal will have most of the good and bad of that animal.

Vietnamese Zodiac meanings

12 Vietnamese zodiacs including: rat, buffalo, tiger, cat, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, chicken, dog, pig. Among these zodiacs, Dragon is a mythical animal and Rat, Tiger, Snake and Monkey are wild animals and often avoid meeting people. The remaining seven are domestic animals.

1. Rat

In Western people’s opinion, rats are destructive and foul. But Eastern people consider the mouse a symbol of accumulation and health. For the Vietnamese, this animal is a symbol of luck and wealth.

Leadership is the nature of those who hold the mouse. Because he is the first of the 12 palaces, the year of the Rat has always wanted to be first in every game, a pioneer in all activities, and a dictator everywhere.

Ordinary people are smart, agile, handle work well, everything is convenient. Not only that, the mouse also symbolizes the beginning and strong development. People born in the year of the Rat are very charming and attractive. However, they are very afraid of light and noise. People of this age are very active but they also often encounter trifles. 

2. Buffalo:

Buffaloes represent diligence and patience. This year has made steady but slow progress and a sustained strength. People born in the Year of the Ox often have the appropriate personality to become a scientist.

Buffaloes symbolize spring and agriculture because they are associated with plowing and like to the marsh in the mud. People of this age are usually calm and very determined but very stubborn.

3. Tiger

People born in the year of the Tiger are often courageous, competitive and unpredictable. They hate to obey orders and is always dissatisfied with the power of others.

People of this age have leadership skills, are always enthusiastic to help those around them and strive to protect their families.

4. Cat

Cat represents people who speak gently, are talented, ambitious and will succeed on the path of education. They are in conflict with the year of the Rat.

People born in the year of Cats have the spirit of flexibility, patience and the opportunity to wait for action. Most of them prefer to live in a crowded, dislike solitary loneliness.

5. Dragon

The dragon in the myth of the East is the yang of the universe, the symbol of royal authority. Accordingly, dragons are present everywhere, underwater, on the ground and in the air. The dragon is a symbol of water and a favorable sign for agriculture. People of the Dragon age are very honest, energetic but very hot-tempered and stubborn. They are symbols of power, wealth, prosperity and royalism. People who born in the year of Dragon are so smart, sharp, always achieve many successes in life, authority, position

6. Snake

People of the snake age say little but very knowledgeable. They are suitable for wet areas. Snakes symbolize the eternal evolution of age and succession, decay and continuity of generations of mankind. People of the snake age are very calm, gentle, deep and sympathetic but sometimes angry. They are very determined and persistent, quite similar to the Dragon in having a predestined relationship with success and financial luck.

7. Horse

People born in the Year of the Horse worship the freedom and independence. They are smart, agile, multi-talented so they are easy to succeed in all areas. However, they do not always complete the task well when they start. They often speak gently, comfortably and generously. Therefore, they are easy to be liked by many people but they rarely hear the advice.

8. Goat

People born in the year of the Goat are usually very calm but timid, very modest but do not take a stance. They talk awkwardly, so they cannot be good sellers but they are very compassionate and often help people. They often have an advantage because of their natural kindness and shyness.

People born in the Year of the Goat are very resilient and hard-working people. They always show they have abundant energy and always withstand high pressure at work. They live emotionally gently do not like turbulent. People born in the year of the Goat are very suitable for artistic work.

9. Monkey

People of the Monkey age are often a capricious talent. They are very talented and skillful in money transactions.

People of this age are usually very happy, smart, curious and creative, but they talk too much, so they are easily despised and despised. Their downside lies in their erratic and inconsistent temperament.

10. Rooster

Year of the Rooster represents a period of hard work and labor because the chickens must be busy from morning to evening. they are also very smart, have good looks, and are very attractive, especially for men.

People born in the year of the Rooster often earn a living from small businesses, working diligently like “a chick digging in the ground”.

11. Dog

Dog age is kind and willing to help people around. They may forget their own interests for others. These people value honor and prestige, once promised, the year of the Dog will definitely perform.

Age of the Dog is a person who lives upright, honest and kind. They are very sensitive to love and express fairly, but most of the people of the year of the Dog live on the inner world, burning rarely shows up. This is their weakness when expressing love.

12. Pigs

The pig is the last animal in the Vietnamese zodiac, so it is patient because it has to wait for its turn. People born in the Year of the Pig are naturally shy and seem to be indifferent, but they are very sympathetic and lovely. They are straightforward and honest, and always try to never leave others behind. This is the kind of gentle people, prefer to go to crowded places and familiar places rather than strange places.

Although people born in the Year of the Pig are not slow people, they are the one who like the wealth of serenity. At the last position, the pig is said to symbolize enjoyment and comfort. They often dream of living a comfortable, lavish life, but those things aren’t much for them all, knowing so they tried their way to get the things they dreamed of to wish. The place they live in is warm, comfortable and friendly, but it is also quite chaotic.

Age compatibility 

Vietnamese also use astrology to determine the date and hour for any important life events, particularly weddings, funerals, construction commencement and new store openings. When husband and wife at the appropriate age, the marriage is peaceful, happy, career prosperous, abundant fortune… It is believed that the harmony of heaven and earth during these events will bring good luck and ensure success for the new journey. Feng shui science said that people born 4 years apart are usually compatible but not 6 years apart. To know which age group belongs to appropriate and not, please follow the picture below:

3 best match:

  • Snake – Rooster – Buffalo
  • Monkey – Rat – Dragon
  • Tiger – Horse – Dog
  • Pig – Cat – Goat

4 worst match:

  • Tiger – Monkey – Snake – Pig
  • Dragon – Dog – Buffalo – Goat
  • Rat – Horse – Cat – Rooster

Although the foursome impulses in marriage and business cooperation, there are many ways to overcome it. But you have to study the principles of Purple Star Astrology.