May islet is a tourist area located in Tra On (Vinh Long) loved by many people for its simple and rustic beauty. When traveling to Vinh Long, you must definitely try to visit this place once to fully feel the peace and quiet of the Mekong Delta river region. Let’s explore this tourist spots in detail with Vietdreamtravel.

General information about May islet

May islet, also know as Luc Si Thanh islet, is a famous tourist destination in Vinh Long province, attracting many tourists thanks to its wild and peaceful beauty. 

This islet is located in the middle of the Tien River, about 15km from Vinh Long city center. To get to May islet, visitors can take a ferry from Luc Sy Thanh wharf. Setting foot on May islet, visitors will be immersed in a cool and fresh green space. The island is covered with green coconut trees, interspersed with fruitful orchards. Lovely little houses hidden under the canopy of trees, creating a idyllic and poetic picture.

Tourist boat to May islet

Tourist boat to May islet – Vinh Long

What’s the best time to visit the islet?

With the weather be influenced by the Western climate which is divided into two distinct seasons: rainy season and dry season. You can travel to Vinh Long in the dry season to have a more complete trip. Vinh Long’s dry season lasts from December to April of the following year.

At this time, the weather is dry and sunny, suitable for you to do sightseeing activities. In addition, from May to October is the time when local people harvest fruits, so it would be amazing times to explore orchards and enjoy fresh fruits in here.

Things to do in May islet

May islet is an ideal destination for weekend trips with family and friends. With an area of about 4,000 hectares, local people have been developing and offering many interesting entertainment activities that waiting for you to participate.

Admire the beauty of the orchard

When you coming to May islet, you can comfortably rent a cycle or motorbike around villages to admire the fruitful gardens of grapefruit, oranges, rambutans, longans, mango, jackfruit, coconut and so on. Especially during the harvest season, don’t hesitate to ask the landlord or orchards owner to come inside to visit, you can even buy some fruits at a good deal or enjoy ripe fruit right in their garden.

May Islet

This islet has a full range of tourism services such as restaurants, hotels, and motels for tourists to choose from. Visitors can spend a whole day exploring May islet. This is also an opportunity for visitors to learn about plants and the care process of local people.

May islet in Vinh Long

The moment local people harvest oranges

May islet Vinh Long

The rambutan garden is laden with fruits of all colors

Visit Hau Thanh communal house

According to the elders, at the end of the 18th century, many people came here to settle down, and over time they gathered together and formed villages. To pray for good weather, prosperous business, a peaceful life, and healthy people, they built this communal house with simple leaves and trees, with a floor lined with bricks. Later, the communal house was renovated and spacious as it is today.

Hau Thanh communal house

The entrance of Hau Thanh communal house

The islet also has the cultural relic of Hau Thanh communal house which is one of the oldest and most ancient communal houses in Vinh Long. Up to now, the communal house still bears the bold Southern village communal house style with a majestic look. The communal house has a high foundation, roofed with fish-scale tiles, and consists of 3 parts: the main room worshiping; meeting room, the last one used for singing and performing folk tales during festivals. Every year on April 16 of the lunar calendar, Ky Yen holiday takes place, attracting many people and tourists from Vinh Long to come here to participate.

Hau Thanh communal house in May Islet

Explore Tra On floating market

Tra On floating market, located nearby to the islet, is a place where very lively trading activities take place on the river. Tra On Floating Market is known as a tourist attraction for domestic and foreign visitors. Every day, Tra On floating market gathers more than 100 boats from all over provinces in Mekong Delta River to come here to buy, sell their products. Not only trading agricultural products and fruits, Tra On market also has services such as breakfast, coffee, beverage, hairdressing, garments… also taking place on the river, creating a vibrant and colorful atmosphere for the floating market. 

Tra on floating market

Not only is it a “shopping center”, the floating market is also a beautiful photo hunting spot for young people.
In the afternoon, Tra On market still has many boats convening around the floating market location. However, these boats no longer had as much cargo as they did in the morning. It has become a familiar place of residence for many Western residents. Simple people return to their daily lives at the warm residential tray.

Explore rice paper making village

May islet is also famous for its rice paper making village which more than 100 years old and produced regularly every day. You will visit baking households and witness the stages of creating a rice paper. In addition to spring rolls and sweet rice paper in traditional village, there are also many other delicious rice paper that produce from fatty coconut rice paper, pandan leaf rice paper, beetroot… waiting for you to enjoy.

rice paper making village

step of making beetroot rice paper

In 2009, rice paper village in May islet was recognized by the People’s Committee of Vinh Long province as a traditional craft village. Since then, the rice paper products produced by the people have become increasingly popular with customers, the brand and consumption market have also expanded, bringing stable income to the people 

May islet Vinh Long

rice paper drying process

Enjoy culinary specialties

May islet has many unique and attractive specialties you should not miss include elephant ear fish fried; grilled snakehead fish serve with vermicelli, mustard greens, coriander and dip it with sweet and sour tamarind sauce, chicken hotpot… definitely not forget the rustic and delicious flavor of pancakes, Linh-fish hotpot.

Linh-fish hotpot

Linh-fish hotpot

Linh-fish hotpot


Useful information about May Islet