Thanh Ha Pottery Village has more than 500 years of establishment and development. The pottery village produces many unique products with the skillful hands of artisans. Therefore, this is also a famous tourist destination at home and abroad, with more and more tourists coming back to learn and experience. 

General information about Thanh Ha Pottery Village 

Thanh Ha is known as a long-standing traditional pottery village in Hoi An ancient town. This craft village was formed in the 16th century and started from Thanh Liem village, then moved to Thanh Ha ward as it is today. The 16th – 17th centuries are considered the most glorious period of the pottery village, the village’s ceramic products were used to present to the king.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

This small and peaceful village has gone through many ups and downs. There were times when it seemed like pottery here was forgotten. However, thanks to their enthusiasm and love for their craft, the village’s artisans have once again “revived” the beauty and retained the soul of the pottery village.

Since Hoi An ancient town was recognized as a world cultural heritage, Thanh Ha pottery village has developed even more brilliantly as a destination to attract tourists to visit and experience both domestic and international visitors. Coming here, you will not only learn about the traditional pottery making process but also be able to create your own unique ceramic works.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Located next to the peaceful Thu Bon river, Thanh Ha pottery village is about 3km west of Hoi An city center. Containing many rare ancient features, this pottery village is a great choice for those who love to experience our country’s ancient culture.

Interesting experiential activities at Thanh Ha Pottery Village

When you come to Thanh Ha Pottery Village, you will see a picture of a rustic, peaceful village and all the local objects here are made from ceramics such as vases, cups, bowls, plates, pots, pans, etc. Coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the following interesting activities.

Learn the skillful ceramic sharpening techniques of pottery village artisans

The uniqueness of Thanh Ha pottery is that the artisan shapes the pottery by hand and absolutely does not use molds. Potters often work together, one standing with both hands kneading the soil and feet stepping on the wheel, the other sitting on the wheel sharpening pottery.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

This method requires two workers to have smooth coordination with each other, because depending on the different stages, the speed of the rotation needs to be fast or slow.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

The finished product is exposed to the sun for 2 to 3 days to dry, then polished one last time until it is complete and then fired.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha pottery is not glazed but is fired in a traditional wood kiln to create products with many different colors. Every five to ten days, the pottery will be fired once, the firing time is from one to two days depending on the type of kiln.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Create your own ceramic works

The most interesting experience at Thanh Ha pottery village is that visitors will be able to create their own ceramic works. You can try creating common items in different shapes.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

And don’t worry too much if you can’t do it, because when you do, there will be ceramic artists right next to you to enthusiastically guide you, helping you get the most perfect and beautiful product. So if you have the opportunity to come here, you definitely should not miss this interesting experience.

Visit the world of miniature Vietnamese ceramics – Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

The terracotta park at Thanh Ha pottery village has an area of ​​up to 6,000 m², making it the largest ceramic park in Vietnam today. This is the place to preserve and store ceramic products of Thanh Ha village, while promoting Vietnamese ceramics to international friends.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

The building on the left symbolizes the “upside down kiln” that recreates the history of Thanh Ha Pottery Village and displays ancient artifacts of the pottery village. Here, we preserve the traditional values ​​of Thanh Ha pottery village in Hoi An with hundreds of years of history.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

The building on the right symbolizes the “upward kiln” – this place displays and exhibits Thanh Ha ceramic products made by famous artisans, and products of a number of other craft villages such as Bat Trang, Phu Lang, Vinh Long.

The highlight of it is a miniature world consisting of many wonders, unique architectural works of humanity recreated in a unique way such as the Sydney Opera House, the Egyptian pyramids, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, or the unique outstanding works in Vietnam as well.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

This is a unique large terracotta park made of terracotta, considered a ceramic museum with thousands of products such as artifacts and pictures imbued with very artistic traditional culture.

Source: collected by An

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