Dam Sen Park (Vietnamese: Công viên Đầm Sen) is composed of various areas in Ho Chi Minh city. This tourist area is the most attractive “cooling spot” in Saigon. Let’s explore what Dam Sen Park offer for you. 

General information about Dam Den Park

Dam Sen Park is located at 03 Hoa Binh Street, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City. Stretching across a 50-hectare plot of land, including 20% water and 60% trees and flower gardens, divided into two main areas: Dam Sen Cultural Park (also know as dry park) and Water Park. Each area has its own main gate and a connecting gate between the two parks.

Dam Sen Cultural Park was built in 1976 on the basis of a wild swamp land. This place is designed to combine Eastern and Western cultures, blending classic Roman beauty. Up to now, Dam Sen Park is still the largest and most diverse amusement park in Vietnam with thousands of games, service areas, tourism, entertainment, cuisine,…

Dam Sen Park

It can be said that Dam Sen not only brings freshness to the whole city, but is also a place where all Saigon residents can easily and quickly relax after tiring days of studying and working. Especially for families with children, Dam Sen would be a place to help them learn and play.

Tickets to Dam Sen Park

Dam Sen Park ticket prices are divided into many different levels depending on the type of tour you choose. You can buy tickets from the main gate, inside the park or from the water park gate.

map of Dam Sen Park

Ticket price for sightseeing

Tickets to Dam Sen during the day for only sightseeing, excluding games and tram services.

  • Buy at the gate of Dam Sen Cultural Park: 120.000VND/Adult; 80.000VND/children.
  • Buy at the gate of Dam Sen Water Park: 80.000VND/ Adult; 50.000VND/children.

Package ticket

Dam Sen package ticket includes games, excluding trams and aquarium.

  • Buy at the gate of Dam Sen Cultural Park: 280.000VND/Adult; 200.000VND/children.
  • Buy at the gate of Dam Sen Water Park: 220.000VND/ Adult; 150.000VND/children.

Silver Ticket

The Silver ticket includes games, day tours, private entrance, fish massage, aquarium and does not include the tram.

  • Buy at the gate of Dam Sen Cultural Park: 380.000VND/Adult; 200.000VND/children.
  • Buy at the gate of Dam Sen Water Park: 340.000VND/ Adult; 150.000VND/children.

Things to do Dam Sen Park

With a large area, Dam Sen Park is divided into 30 areas: Electronic game area, Fairy tale stage, Fairy castle, Square stage, Miniature West Lake, Rockery – Aquarium, Dancing Island, Water Puppet, Natural Bird Garden, Giac Vien Ancient Pagoda,… with all kinds of sightseeing, and diverse amusement and entertainment areas for both adults and children.

Explore amusement park at Dam Sen

Relieve stress with exciting games at Dam Sen cultural park including 10 thrilling games; 5 virtual interactive games with modern technology; 5 relaxing games; 12 games for children.

The thrilling games that attract the most visitors are spinning coaster, whitewater boat, speed wheel, horror castle…

spinning coaster in Dam Sen Park

spinning coaster

If you are a technology lover, like virtual interaction, then don’t miss the amazing castle, watching Cinemax 8D, 9D Virtual Reality movies, Turbo Racing and run raider shooting… you guys!

For visitors who like a “gentle” feeling, come right to Bang Dang (Snow house) – check in in the cold scenery of minus 10 degrees with the magnificent shimmering ice works of many architectural works and famous saints. of Vietnam and the World.

Snow house in Dam Sen

Snow house in Dam Sen

In addition, if you want to “travel” to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dam Sen, there are Ferris Wheel (also known as cage ferris wheel), Pedalo duck ride and Aerial tram, also known as Monorail, will meet your needs.

Dam Sen Park

The amusement park is a place that attracts many families with young children to come here to have fun. Here, there are games for children such as: childhood merry-go-round, wooden horse merry-go-round, jumping frog, flying dragon, flying horse, flying hot air balloon…

flying horse in Dam Sen

The games are diverse in age, so not only do they attract young people to relieve stress, but this is also an ideal entertainment destination for families on weekends.

Explore the zoo

In Saigon, if you want to get back to nature and see the animal world in real life, you can only go to Dam Sen park or Saigon Zoo. Dam Sen Zoo has more than 100 animals ranging from familiar to rare animals such as long-tailed macaques, Asian elephants, black bears, African hippos, Golden-cheeked gibbons, Sea Elephant, mountain goats…

elephant in Dam Sen

Among them, The most prominent are the Aquarium and Bird Garden.

Aquarium in Dam Sen

Launched in 2013, this project has the shape of a sea crab, built based on the world’s leading technical standards. The entire amount of water used for the project is taken from Vung Tau sea. This is where more than 6,000 individuals live. Coming to Dam Sen Aquarium, visitors will see beautiful, strange, and colorful fish in artificial models here. Typical models are: Shark Lake, Legendary Atlantic City, Ali Fish Lake, Mekong River Basin, Colorful diversity of tropical waters, Biodiversity of the Amazon River, Colors of the ocean Positive.

Aquarium in Dam Sen

The aquarium also has many endangered species such as: Red-lipped Velvet Peach, Phu Quoc Velvet Peach, Ocean Ocean… And many fish species collected from the Mekong River system and Amazon River basin. In addition, there are also fish species brought from Truong Sa waters. Including blacktip sharks, star rays, giant fish, queen fish, emperor fish…

Sightseeing in Dam Sen Park

Possessing a large campus, there is no shortage of beautiful corners and scenes in Dam Sen for you to contemplate and live virtually. Some places are also regular event venues; is a place of historical nostalgia; Or admire the architectural beauty of some famous works… typically: 

Hung King Square

This square has a total area of nearly 1000 square meters. Including a ceremony yard paved with Granite with a sun pattern placed in the middle. At the top is the incense offering area, designed with 3 temples. In the middle is the main hall with a 1.7 meter high statue of Hung King, made of copper-coated composite material, placed on a 0.8 meter high stone pedestal.

Hung King temple

Hung King temple in Dam Sen

Besides, there are also temples of the man who built the country: Tran Hung Dao – who defeated two invasions of the Yuan-Mongol army (in 1285 and 1288).

Tran Hung Dao Statue in Dam Sen

The second famous general is Hai Ba Trung – the first two national heroines of Vietnam, waving the flag of rebellion.

Hai Ba Trung Statue in Dam Sen

And established a nation with the capital at Me Linh. Then Ms. Trung Trac ascended the throne, becoming the first female king in Vietnamese history. 

Au Lac Square

This is the most frequent event venue at Dam Sen Cultural Park. On average, there are about 3-4 events taking place each month. Au Lac Square is located right at the main gate of Lac Long Quan Street.

Au Lac Square

You will see statues of Lac Long Quan and Au Co. Festivals often take place here such as the spring flower festival, classic car festival, etc. There are also many brand promotion events of businesses held here.

Ancient Rome-themed Square

Unique European-style designs. The area decorated with fresh flowers pots, especially rose and surrounded by pine trees.

Rome Square in Dam Sen

Same as Au Lac Square, this is not only a tourist destination in Dam Sen, but also a large event venue with a capacity of thousands of attendees.  

Cuu Khuc Bridge

The bridge has 9 sections spanning the lake, creating a beautifully poetic and lyrical landscape. In the middle of the bridge there are 4 stops for visitors to admire the scenery. Besides sightseeing, Cuu Khuc Bridge is also one of the event venues in Dam Sen.

Cuu Khuc Bridge in Dam Sen

These include the drum festival and the Ao Dai festival, Flyboard performances, dragon boat racing, RC canoe racing… And an indispensable event on the country’s major holidays – a fireworks display.

Nam Tu Thuong Uyen garden

This is the central flower garden of Dam Sen features an orchidaceous garden, cactus garden, and valuable bonsai ornamental trees. 

orchidaceous in Dam Sen

Enjoy having fun at Dam Sen Water Park

Dam Sen Water Park is an indispensable piece when you choose to have fun at Dam Sen cultural park. There will be countless water-related activities to help visitors enjoy coolness on hot days.

Boomerang: This game will bring refreshing and cool moments to everyone. You will have the opportunity to float and slide along the winding water. This is also one of the activities that help relieve stress effectively.

Boomerang in Dam Sen

Water jet massage and fish massage: Coming to Dam Sen, not only will you have fun but you will also enjoy a unique water jet massage or fish massage service. Thanks to the system of 12 water jets with strong and weak pressure, it will impact areas on the body to help you circulate blood and have a massage-like effect. Besides, you can let small fish help you circulate blood and detoxify your body.

Massage jet in Dam Sen

Kamikaze Waterfall: Those who love thrills will have the opportunity to show off their abilities at Dam Sen water park with Kamikaze Waterfall. You will experience the feeling of sliding at an increasingly faster speed from a height of 19m to take on water when trying the super-fast waterfall game.

Kamikaze in Dam Sen

Rope Swing Overcom waterfall: Similar to zipline, you can try ziplining over waterfall at Dam Sen wate park. This game not only helps you test your endurance, but also helps you have experiences with strong feelings and especially moments filled with laughter when taking in water.

Rope Swing Overcom waterfall

In addition, there are more than 100 interesting games here waiting for you to explore. In addition to play areas for adults, Dam Sen also has activities and play areas specifically for children from dry to underwater, so parents can feel secure letting their children experience it.

Dam Sen Park

Performance stage

Dam Sen has 2 stages serving cultural and artistic activities capacity to accommodate thousands of guests and an animal circus.

The stages are equipped with full sound and lighting systems. Capacity of 800 people. Music and drama events with the participation of famous artists and children’s music shows often take place here, attracting many children to attend.

stage in Dam Sen

The animal circus is located in area B, in front of the bird garden entrance. Every Saturday and Sunday there are always fun shows here.

dam sen park

The actors all come from the wild world such as monkeys, elephants, orangutans… with performances such as the orangutan Samutra wearing an ao dai and cycling to school, or monkeys riding cyclos and walking on stilts, and dogs performing jumping through circles. The purpose is to help children have a more friendly view of wild animals.

Experiential education area

Coming to this area, young people will have the opportunity to experience interesting activities such as visiting the aquatic vegetable garden, trying to be a farmer, harvesting vegetables, etc. At the house, animal specimens are displayed – a place to store intact animal specimens to serve out-of-school educational programs. Pupil will find specimens of tigers, bears, zebras, orangutans, crocodiles… arranged quite eye-catchingly through light and color effects.

tour in Dam Sen

Moreover, the park has a system of conters selling fast foods, souvenir shops, tea store…Thuy Ta – a 400-seats restaurant with nice menus, food attractively repaired ready to serve customers.

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