Mekong Delta River is covered and divided by wetlands and water, creating a unique way of life and culture. It’s is home to myriad attractive destinations such as hustling floating markets, narrow canals with shadows of green leaves, fruit plantations, vast rice fields… However, this region is also home to many snake species that have been hurting or killing a lot of people. Therefore, Đồng Tâm snake farm was born and has been developing to become one of the country’s largest snake-raising centers where venom is produced for local use and export. This farm also has become an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists to come to study and visit.

What is special about Đồng Tâm snake farm?

In a space of nearly 30 hectares, Đồng Tâm snake farm is currently divided into areas for raising snakes, pythons, and raising other animals. Many of them are rare and listed in Vietnam’s Red Book.

1. Explore the kingdom of snakes

When coming to Dong Tam snake farm, you will be able to see more than 400 different species of snakes from non-venomous, venomous, to most venomous snakes, inhabiting three environments.

Lake area: this area is designed high wall with only one entrance gate. The deeper you go inside, you will see that there is a lake bottom about 30-40cm deep and always full of water. In the middle of the lake, there is a small island with green trees as high as the lake wall. Just look up at the top of the tree, there are many different species of snake living here, look like ropes coiling themselves around tree branches. Most of them are belonging to colubrid species. On the island, grass is overgrown. This is a shelter for toads, frogs, bullfrogs…They are a source of food for snakes.

Most venomous snake farming area: This area is the “home” of cobras, banded krait, Indochinese spitting cobra, trimeresurus albolabris species… Those snake species are very dangerous even can kill people with their venom.

The zone for pythons: there are many large iron cages in this area, each cage is a python. Coming here, you will have the opportunity to witness giant pythons, fairly quiet and often coil themselves around big tree vases.

2. Home of many rare animals

In addition to a large number of snakes and pythons, Đồng Tâm snake farm also raises many animals, including some rare and precious animals of Vietnam such as tigers, crocodiles, turtles, foxes, bears, peacocks, ostriches, porcupines, and apes ostrich, yellow-cheeked gibbon….This is an amazing farm where you can explore the habitat , their characteristics and physiology of a lot of animals.

3. Snake Museum and center treatment of snakebites

The snake farm is operated by the Vietnamese military with a purpose of learning & studying antivenom of snakes, grow medicinal herbs & plants, and protect wild animals. Until now, the center has been helping thousands of people with snakebites.
In addition to the above areas, coming to Đồng Tâm snake farm, it is impossible not to mention the snake museum, which displaying over 50 specimens of rare snakes, and animals such as tigers, crabs, horse bears, etc. chemical treatment.

How to get Đồng Tâm snake farm from Hồ Chí Minh city?

From Ho Chi Minh City, it’s quite convenient to get to the farm by motorbike or you can rent a car/bus as this is the best way when you travel with a group. When you drive by yourself, continue for 3km beyond the turn-off to Mỹ Tho and turn left at the Đồng Tâm lunction. From the junction, follow the road for 4km, turn right and continue until you reach the snake farm.

Location: Bình Đức Ward, Châu Thành District, Tiền Giang province

Opening hours: 7:00 – 17:30