Dong Nai has recently emerged as an ideal weekend getaway, an eco-tourism resort with many outside activities. This is the place chosen by many people when looking for a place to immerse themselves in the vast space of nature. And it’s Golden Scorpion Ecotourism.

General information about Golden Scorpion Ecotourism area

The Golden Scorpion Ecotourism area (Vietnamese: Khu du lịch sinh thái Bọ Cạp Vàng) is situated in Hung Vuong, Phuoc Khanh Commune, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province with a total area of nearly 4 hectares.

From Ho Chi Minh City center, it takes around 1,5 hours by motorbike to reach this tourist area. The name Golden Scorpio came from a flower – Cassia fistula, in the Vietnamese language, is Bo Cap Vang which you can see everywhere in here.

The best time to visit Bo Cap Vang tourist area is from December to April next year. When the sunny seasons are bright and the bright yellow scorpion flowers stand out, the entire Scorpion Vang tourist area stands out. However, each season has its own nuances. When it rains, the trees here are covered with a layer of water to increase their shine. The rains often come suddenly, sometimes heavily, so check the weather forecast before planning your trip.

Golden Scorpion Ecotourism

Entrance Ticket Price to Golden Scorpion Ecotourist Area

  • Weekday Admission Price + the weekend: 50,000/1 adult and 25,000 VND/1 child (under 110cm). 
  • Holidays Admission Price: 60,000 VND/1 adult and 30,000 VND/1 child (under 110cm).

Customers will receive the following free services

Hammock lying/Seats/lodges/canvas cover & furniture/Objects game/slides/trampoline/Swimming in the river/fresh water shower/Medical Services/Rescue Services.

What you can do in Golden Scorpion Ecotourism?

Golden Scorpion is considered one of the “green” tourist destinations of Dong Nai province. Coming here, you can walk with bare feet on the soft soil under the shady trees, admire the green river view, enjoy the fresh and cool air. Therefore, this place has attracted tourists because of the charming beauty of the mountains and water of the Southern region. Also with the great location, just nearby Ho Chi Minh City, it’s also ideal for exploring the countryside, enjoying the dust-free natural space and relieving all stress.

Golden Scorpion Ecotourism

In this typical tourist area of ​​the river region, you can experience a variety of activities from folk games to thrilling games such as motorbike racing, terrain cars, balancing bridge, obstacle crossing, walking on stilts, jumping in jute bags…

Golden Scorpion Ecotourism

If you are a lover of water, you can immerse yourself in the cool water and participate in activities such as river bathing, swimming, boating, water slide, diving, walking on water …. If you can’t swim, then a nice life-jacket can help to enjoy the feeling of floating and playing in the water.

Golden Scorpion Ecotourism

rowing boat in Golden Scorpion Ecotourism area

It’s also a perfect place for camping or organizing BBQ parties. In case you forgot to bring your own BBQ, don’t worry, they serve several regional foods here. Some of their famous dishes are Grilled Chicken Bowl, Snakehead’s Grilled, Grilled Wild Board, fresh seafood, skewered meats, grilled rabbit, The goby hotpot is Giang leaves… .

Golden Scorpion Ecotourism food

Although the price is quite expensive compared to the general level, it is still worth experiencing as the restaurant is located right in the tourist area, visitors can enjoy it right after participating in physically draining outdoor activities.

Golden Scorpion Ecotourism

In addition, there are many attractive countryside dishes prepared for visitors to experience. For example, grilled rabbit with salt, shrimp steamed with coconut water, grilled rabbit with fermented bean curd, steamed snakehead fish with gourd, grilled pigeon…

Golden Scorpion Ecotourism

The dishes here are very popular with diners. However, if you come here for picnic purposes, you should prepare food to bring with you, it will save a lot of money.

The Golden Scorpion Ecotourism area not only famous for teambuilding activities but also camping, therefore don’t hesitate to contact the management to answer questions about camping, campfires and overnight stays. 

camping in Golden Scorpion Ecotourism

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Source: collected by An