Welcome to Vinh Sang tourist area – a famous destination in Vinh Long province, Mekong Delta River. Coming here, visitors will enjoy the green space, visit attractions and enjoy typical cuisine of the local. So, let’s explore Vinh Sang  Tourist Area with Vietdreamtravel.

General information about to Vinh Sang Tourist Area

Vinh Sang tourist area is one of the attractive destinations in Vinh Long, which brings visitors wonderful experiences in a peaceful natural space. Located in An Thuan commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province, Vinh Sang Tourist Area has an area of about 35 hectares with ponds, green forests and interesting entertainment activities.

Not only do you have the opportunity to learn more about the peaceful river countryside, stopping at the eco-tourism area but also to enjoy the fresh, cool atmosphere, breathtaking natural scenery. It can be said that Vinh Sang is an interesting highlight on the Vinh Long tourist map that you cannot miss. If you want to visit this tourist area from Ho Chi Minh, the best way to get here is renting private car with driver as it takes around 3 hours of driving to get here.

The entrance fee for adults: 50,000 VND/ticket and children under 1m3: 35,000 VND/ticket. Also, you have to pay for a ticket in some games when you want to participate which range from 30,000 VND – 50,000 VND, or in some team building game, you have to contact with operation office in advance. 

Interesting Activities At Vinh Sang Tourist Area

Possessing an area of up to 35 hectares, Vinh Sang Tourist Area is a large natural garden with a system of interwoven canals and a variety of specialty fruit trees. This typical space of the Mekong Delta river garden not only owns an entertainment area with countless attractive folk and modern games, but also is a place to preserve many rare species of birds and animals and is an attractive entertainment area with a series of folk and modern games.

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In particular, Vinh Sang Tourist Area also has a herd of African ostriches with more than 60 adult birds. This is the largest bird in the world, raised and developed right in the middle of the Mekong Delta. Amid the fresh nature of the Southwest region, visitors can freely transform into “Hugo riding an ostrich” running freely on the sand. This is a service that is very popular with young people.

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The most popular activity here is the experience of visiting the gardens and enjoy many types of fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, grapefruits, rambutans, oranges, Vinh Long lemongrass… come to the garden to buy a ticket to visit, you can comfortably enjoy these delicious fresh fruits at the same time. In addition, the garden The wishing tree also has beautiful photography angles, helping you save memorable moments when coming to this tourist area.

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In addition to entertainment, Vinh Sang tourist area also brings unique characteristics of the Southern river region. By cruise ship, you can go deep into small canals, visit famous traditional craft villages of the Southern gardens located along the river; enjoy the traditional craft of making coconut candy and making sticky rice wine of the people of An Binh island.

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Vinh Sang Restaurant is located in the Tourist Area with a system of 3 large and small restaurants and dining booths along the Co Chien River specializing in cooking rustic dishes of people in the western region: such as grilled fish, fish sauce hotpot. , grilled duck, duck hotpot cooked with congee, crab hotpot…. Among them are extremely strange and delicious dishes made from crocodile and ostrich meat, especially lemon-cinnamon chicken hotpot, which is ranked in the list of 99 delicious Vietnamese dishes.

After having fun and eating, visitors will watch opera – this is a type of classical Vietnamese theater, often performing classic old stories, with costumes rich in color and style. Designs are specified for each character, combined with unique music and dance to create appeal for viewers, able to overcome language barriers or cultural differences. For the first time in the West, Vinh Long province is making efforts to revive, preserve and promote this traditional art to domestic and international tourists.
At night, in Vinh Sang tourist area, there is also a standard Vinh Sang hotel located opposite the cool Co Chien river, combined with recreational fishing and watching My Thuan bridge, it will definitely make you have peaceful moments when you come to visit.

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