Bình Thạnh Chăm tower is a monument of the Óc-Eo culture. The tower was built around the 8th century and was discovered in 1886. It has a square base, 10 m high, 5 m on each side, built-in four directions. The overall architecture of Bình Thạnh Chăm tower consists of three main towers. However, only one tower remains intact and the others are only vestiges.

The main door of the remaining tower faces to the East, protrudes completely, 1 meter wide, 2 meters high. Above the main door is a large, rectangular stone, carved with extremely sophisticated. The three sides of West – South – North have fake doors embossed with delicate patterns and decorations.
The construction technique of the Bình Thạnh Chăm tower is quite similar to other Chăm towers in the Central region, using baked brick materials then stacked skillfully and extremely tightly, without using any binder.
With a unique structure, the tower has drawn much attention from tourists all over the country. It was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism as a Cultural-Historical Monument in 1993.

Bình Thạnh Chăm Tower

Address: Bình Phú Hamlet, Bình Thánh Commune, Trảng Bàng District, Tây Ninh Province.

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